The Bardot Edit: Paris Couture Week 2014

Couture season in Paris is not for the faint of heart. This week’s fashion hustle was punctuated by star-studded events featuring supermodels (Elle Macpherson), girlfriends of supermodels (Michelle Rodriguez), reality stars (Kim Kardashian), scandalous bloggers (Miroslava Duma), daughters of muses (Tallulah Harlech), and the token burlesque star (Dita von Teese). It rained, the champagne poured, and then it got très très froid.

Here are some of Petite Brigitte’s unforgettable looks from the shows.


5. DIOR: Little black wiggle dress.

hc2bb LBD


4. VIKTOR & ROLF: A throwback to the ballet years !

hc balletbb balet

3. ZUHAIR MURAD: A suit with some hardware.

hc zuhair militbb milit


3. ELIE SAAB: A sexy sheer wedding.

HC1bb wedding


2. ZUHAIR MURAD: Head to toe zebra is always a good idea!

hc zebrabb zebra




Natalie Portman: welcome to Paris


The most anticipated Hollywood arrival has landed in Paris, but will she be in town for long?

Natalie Portman is setting up house in the City of Lights, as her husband Benjamin Millepied takes the reigns of the Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris.

The move will see the starlet and her family based in Paris, but travelling often to her native Israel, where she is set to make her directorial debut in A Tale of Love and Darkness. Filming on that is slated to begin in January 2014.

One thing is for sure, there will be a certain adjustment period for the quasi-vegan Portman. Paris is a city of Vuitton leathers, J Mendel furs, and boudin noir.

Good luck finding the nearest Urth Café or organic cotton chemise. But if you crack for some dairy, you’ve got the best cheese selection right around the corner!

Charlotte Casiraghi’s maternity style

courtesy of Hello Magazine

courtesy of Hello Magazine

She’s due anytime now! Charlotte Casiraghi, the prettiest face in Monaco since Grace Kelly, will give birth before the end of the year.

Spotted last week at a charity gala, Charlotte beamed in a delicate floor length maxi dress by French boutique “1 et 1 font 3.”

The soon-to-be father, French comedian Gad Elmaleh, recently confirmed that the couple are not engaged.

Beckham mania hits Paris!

The Beckham tribe have arrived for the kick-off of David’s six month séjour in Paris, and the paparazzi explosion in the 8th arondissement has not gone unnoticed!

The posh family have settled in to the Imperial suite at the Bristol hotel on rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré for the week, and enjoyed a family dinner on Wednesday night at the nearby Royal Monceau.

While it is David’s contract with Qatari owned Paris Saint Germain (PSG) that has garnered most of the attention in France, the swarm of foreign press remains focused on glamourous Victoria. The style maven has not disappointed, and continues to pull off effortlessly chic looks from her own A/W 13 collection.

While we will be seeing a lot of them over the next few months, Victoria and the four children will actually be based in London while David plays ball in Paris. Go PSG!

Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy: l’amour toujours?

EXCLUSIVE: Mary Kate Olsen and her boyfriend, Olivier Sarkozy are seen arm-in-arm in Paris

The odd couple of New York seems to blend in just fine here in Paris, as Mary Kate and Olivier strolled through the Parisian streets this week.


Together for an impressive eight months already, the fashion magnate Olsen and her corporate beau (brother of Nicolas), have purchased a home in Manhattan together. She recently denied rumours of an engagement after being caught sporting a ring on her left hand.


Could they be house hunting in the city of lights as well?



Paris celebrity couple alert – Kardashian & Kanye shop Avenue Montaigne


In the world of celebrity couples, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be the most photographed of the moment. Despite her pregnancy, the couple shows no signs of cutting back from their non-stop promoting, jetsetting, and publicity domination.

Arriving in Paris on Tuesday, they immediately hit the shops on Avenue Montaigne, specifically French luxury brands like Céline and Lanvin. Kim, dressed down in pants and a cape ensemble, looked refreshingly make-up neutral and fresh-faced.

After tiring of the boutiques, they stopped in for a bite at the trendy Costes outpost,  L’Avenue.

While it’s probably too early for them to hit the baby stores, put Bonpoint and Tartine et Chocolat on notice: the stork is about to deliver a big marketing opportunity for 2013!

Top 10 winter activities in Paris:

photo10. Cozy fireside dinner in Montmartre @  Hotel Particulier. (featured in photo)

9. Hot chocolate & people watching @ Café de Flore

8. A night on the town with festive dinner @ Matignon then cozy drinks around the corner @ Mathis

7. Holiday shopping @ le Bon Marché (too crowded at Printemps or Galeries Lafayette)

6. Get the ‘perfect polish’ manicure in red at Manucurist.  Lasts forever.

5. Keep culturally up-to-date with some of the fabulous exhibitions around town, especially the Fashion & Impressionism at Orsay and Hopper at Grand Palais.

4. Reserve your table early for the best winter meal ever for 45 euros @ Frenchie in the 9th.

3. Sample some full bodied reds from the comfort of big leather chairs at new wine bar, O Chateau.

2. Taste the winter flavors at Ladurée and Pierre Hermé- macaroons are gluten free!

1. Grab a bottle of champagne and rendez-vous at Place de la Concorde for a ride on the holiday Ferris Wheel (la grande roue). Magical!

Best outdoor dining in Paris


Here is Petite Brigitte’s list for the best outdoor dining in Paris. Bon app!

  1. Le Café de l’Homme: With a view of the Eiffel Tower to leave you breathless, this restaurant at the heart of Trocadero is both trendy and romantic.
  2. Drouant & La Fontaine Gaillon: These restaurants are side by side in a calm neighborhood near the Opera. While Drouant wins for all around cuisine, Fontaine Gaillon’s lush candelit ambiance and delicious seafood keeps us coming back.
  3. Le Saut de Loup: You might want to lower your expectations (slow service and hit&miss food), but this restaurant terasse set in the middle of the Louvre has one of the best outdoor placements in Paris. They serve a nice duo de tartare as well.
  4. Minipalais: This elegant restaurant (featured above) has noble proportions and is located in the Grand Palais. It’s great for a dinner with visiting family or business guests.
  5. Derriere: It’s a funky neighborhood joint that has the right mix of trendy and laid-back bohemian. With reasonable prices and a fun adjoining bar (“Andy Wahloo”), the terasse of this resto is hopping all summer long.

What are your fav outdoor spots to eat in Paris?

Josh & Amanda: in love in Paris


Josh Harnett and Amanda Seyfried couldn’t hide their new relationship on the streets of Paris last week.

The two lovebirds strolled hand in hand by Café de Flore, looking more like students than celebrities, and going virtually unrecognized- save the odd American tourist.

A Pop-Up Paris Picnic Is Coming to NYC

THERE are picnics, and then there are picnics. Notre Dame was one of two sites for Pariss Dîner en Blanc. Guests, all in white, brought their own tables and food. Three weeks ago, in the golden light of an early-summer evening, thousands of Parisians dressed entirely in white converged on two of the city’s most picturesque locations — 4,400 of them in the plaza at the cathedral of Notre Dame; 6,200 in a courtyard of the Louvre — for a feast that was neither advertised nor publicly heralded. They had brought along not only their own epicurean repasts but also their own tables, chairs, glasses, silver and napery.

via A Pop-Up Paris Picnic Is Coming to New York –

Cultivate your inner Carla?

Petite Brigitte always gets a kick out of the usual Carla-bashing that takes place here in France, but this positive spin by Alexis Marble is surprisingly refreshing!

‘Carla Bruni and Me’

Ever since Carla Bruni married Nicolas Sarkozy and became first lady of France, I have been a bit obsessed with her. There is something about Carla, and I don’t just mean her fabulous style. It is her confidence, her calm and cool demeanor. You have to love a woman who has unapologetically slept with both rock stars and royalty. A woman who professes to be polyandrous and then settles into domestic bliss. A woman who sings sultry French pop songs while attending embassy parties in chic flats and covered up couture. When I heard recently that she might be pregnant, the picture was complete. The President of France, clearly wildly in love with his wife, will now be bonded to her forever-polyandry be damned.

So, as a recent divorcee, who is dipping her toes (well-pedicured# into the pool of possibility of finding love again, I have decided that Madame Sarkozy is my mentor. Calm. Cool. Collected and confident. Not a Cosmo-swilling, bar hopping, man hungry babe on the prowl in knock off Loubutins .For me, I will don my ballet flats #or real Loubutins) with confidence and style. Let those good men find me (I know they are out there) not because I am available, but because I’m not. I am thriving (albeit not polyandrous…yet) on my own. Like Carla B., I will be the mystery woman behind the brunette mane and chic sunglasses.

I realize this plan to cultivate my inner Carla may sound far-fetched and perhaps even egotistical, but this persona is my armor. After 22 years of marriage, babies, confusion and heartbreak I must enter this new phase of life protected by my strength, not my weakness. What did not work before is being tossed out-I am trying on the new me and trying out the new men (where ere they may be) So far, I have accumulated a string of starter beaux-those Starbucks baristas with the nice smiles and the man at the car repair shop who thinks he’s still got game. Those men are not the goal, but a girl’s got to start somewhere. I have not pulled my Carla out for them. I am reserving her aura for the men who get it. For the men who appreciate a woman’s gifts (all of them) and can keep up with the desires of a woman starting over and ready to dive in-consequences or not. If I play it to safe (long nights of solo Scrabble-well, solo anything, at home) I will miss what’s really happening. With Carla B. as my muse, I will venture forth to see what’s going on in the world. A week in Tokyo? Check. A sexy weekend in San Francisco? Check. An esoteric lecture at a museum with dinner afterwards? Check.

As I alternate between my ballet flats and my stilettos, I will find my balance. I may even find that man-not the man I “need” but the man I desire. Like Carla Bruni, I’ll make settling down sexy, not subservient. Vive la difference-I am off to change my shoes and

via Alexis Marble: Carla Bruni and Me.

Midnight in Paris : Petite Brigitte’s movie pick of 2011

It usually would be extraneous to talk about a movie poster in a movie review, but in this case the poster for Woody Allen’s latest feature, Midnight in Paris, is particularly instructive. Here we see Owen Wilson, cast in the role of the stereotypical Allen protagonist and even dressed in a nebbish fashion much like Woody in Annie Hall or any number of his films, walking along the Seine in Paris. Behind him, the city is dissolving into a post-Impressionist landscape, the sky alight with the swirling celestial background of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Although the character of Gil Pender (Wilson) will find himself transported — literally, via a vintage Peugeot that appears at the same bend of a Parisian street at midnight — not to Van Gogh’s Arles but to Hemingway’s Paris a la Moveable Feast, the poster effectively conveys the magic realism that Allen infuses into the film, his best in recent memory.

via Rob Kirkpatrick: Woody Rediscovers Woody in Paris.

Stephen Clarke on DSK: a few years in the merde?

SINCE Sunday, when Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, was arrested on sexual assault charges in New York, French politicians have been loudly expressing their horror at his “violent” treatment at the hands of America’s criminal justice system. It must be a shock to them: the sight of a top French establishment figure being treated like an ordinary criminal is about as rare as a photo of the Queen of England in a bikini.

But they are not merely voicing their concern for an esteemed colleague; many of them are also thinking, “There but for the grace of God (or rather the grace of living in France and not the United States) go I.”

France may think it had a revolution, but in fact it just got a new, and even more powerful, elite. They believe themselves so indispensable to the running of the country that trying to topple one of them is a bit like threatening to shoot a prize racehorse for nibbling your lawn. You’re meant to shut up and let them nibble.

via Droit du Dirty Old Men –

Best clubs in Paris – 2011

Last year Parisians went into crisis mode after a well-publicized petition claimed that Paris nightlife was on the verge of a slow death. They even coined the expression, “City of Sleep.” L’horreur!

While we may have been facing a party downturn in recent years, Petite Brigitte is happy to report that Paris nightlife is still going strong and 2011 is shaping up to be a year of crazy fêtes (starting with Kate Moss at Raspoutine in February).

Here are your top 5 hottest clubs du jour, but keep in mind: if you aren’t on a list and are going it alone, keep your finger’s crossed and arrive before 11:30. A few attractive girlfriends can’t hurt either.

1. Bagatelle: Built as a hunting lodge on a bet between Marie Antoinette and the Count of Artois, the elegant Bagatelle Chateau and Gardens in the Bois de Boulogne hosts the wildest parties of the summer, such as the notorious Eurotrash Disney party (you’ll never look Mickey in the eyes again). It is a hike getting out here to the western edge of Paris, but well worth it on a warm summer night, especially if there is a good guest DJ. Arrive for dinner or near 11pm to avoid the crowds. Costumes are commonplace, and leave your Louboutin’s at home- it’s a jungle out there.

2. Chez Raspoutine: This red-velvet cocoon of Paris’ most posh noctambules is located just off the Champs-Elysées. The music isn’t great, the dancefloor is petite, but it’s the place to see & be seen, and weekends see a smattering of Europe’s top models mixing with heirs of the luxury industry. Dress to kill.

3. L’Arc: This club near the Arc de Triomphe may not be as classe as the chichi Raspoutine, but the music is better and the lovely outdoor garden is a welcome addition in the summertime. The management have a Riviera sense about them when it comes to partying… not surprising as they are from Cannes! It’s a steamy club with a long bar, and a decent restaurant on the top floor. Great for groups of friends as other clubs tend to turn away larger groups. Opt for tables in the VIP section.

4. Le Baron & Montana: These sister clubs are so exclusive you probably won’t get in unless you are with Karen Mulder or Sean Lennon. With their quirky music, film industry clientele, and celebrity walk-ins, the Baron and Montana are the havens of cool for the right and left bank, respectively. Don’t dress to kill here because looks don’t matter. In fact, the hairier and more unkempt the better. Flannel shirts welcome.

5. Cirque du Bonheur: You might have known this location as the Mandela Ray, but forget all of that because now it is the ‘Circus of happiness’. Think fire breathers, midgets, acrobats, and guest DJ’s from Ibiza like Tim Rustow mixing among a thousand youthful Parisians. This was the hot club of winter 2010/2011 but will close down in mid June as most of this party crowd heads to Bagatelle.

Bardot vs Bundchen

While Brigitte Bardot may be given credit for launching tourism in Saint Tropez, she also helped light the fire under the Brazilien tourism industry in the 1960′s during her famous trip to the beachside resort of Buzios.

Now, brazillien top model Gisele Bundchen reincarnates BB for this month’s cover of Elle Brazil (in a photo originally shot for Muse magazine).

Who does 60′s sex kitten better, Bardot or Bundchen?

Robert Pattinson in Paris

Teen crush Robert Pattinson was in Paris this weekend during his promotional tour for Water for Elephants, or De l’eau pour les éléphants, in Frenchie.

Accompanied by co-star Reese Witherspoon, the two stars dined at famed retaurant Chez L’ami Louis and spent Saturday night in the luxe hotel, Plaza Athénée on Paris’ best shopping street, Avenue Montaigne.

A devoted group of 30 groupies camped outside the hotel in anticipation of catching a glimpse of the Twilight star, who was sans girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

Robert’s European tour continued Sunday in Spain, for the Spanish premiere of the film.

For the love of french women




Napoleon’s dream of invading England will finally come true in 2011. With a handful of truly French fashion labels like Maje, Sandro, Vanessa Bruno, and the Kooples opening up shop, the frenchie fashion invasion is clearly underway in London. Vive la look française!

If you are an admirer of french women… here are your essential addresses for shopping the look in London. Check out article below:

Nailing that effortless elegance is a big part of the desire to buy into Parisian dressing. ‘The thing about a Frenchwoman is she never looks like she’s tried too hard,’ says Laura Fantacci, Red magazine’s fashion and shopping editor. ‘Chanel did the same thing half a century ago when she teamed a sailor’s stripy tee with men’s palazzo trousers.’

via Indulge in some French dressing |

Gaga for Chez André

Who knew the classic 8ème brasserie Chez André would arouse the curious interests of Madame Gaga? Perhaps she was in the mood for some famous beef tartare?

Last night, while in town for a concert (subsequently cancelled because of a few snowflakes), Lady Gaga dined in the classic French bistro, famed for its fruits de mer and tartare de boeuf.

You might recall that her Parisian tour dates were rescheduled because of cancellation during the summertime general strikes. Let’s hope she gets a chance to rock Paris bientôt!


 Chez André, 12 rue Marbeuf, 75008 tel: 01 47 20 59 57

Whitney cancels Paris: didn’t we almost have it all?

Tant pis for those with tickets to the Whitney Houston concert in Paris rescheduled for June 1st, 2010. RTL has just announced that the notorious diva will cancel this leg of her world tour altogether, as ticket sales slumped following the change of date. Blaming a respiratory infection for her disastrous world tour, it seems like something more substantial may be causing her problems…

Georgia Jagger reincarnates BB for Chanel’s show in St. Tropez

It was the old-school Saint Tropez of stars like Brigitte Bardot that reappeared in force at Chanel’s annual cruise collection this past week. The port of St. Tropez, where the défilé was held, hasn’t looked so glamorous in at least a decade. In attendance, Vanessa Paradis, Diane Kruger, Anna Mouglalis…

With a nod to the sensual 60′s, the collection incorporated BB’s signature vichy print (the must-have bikini of summer), leather, and boho crochet details. Completing the hommage to Bardot, 18 year old beauty Georgia May Jagger reincarnated the blond bombshell and stole the show as she side-saddled down the runway on a Harley Davidson driven by model-muse Baptiste Giabiconi.

Check out the show here.

La Villa: Best bar near Champs Elysées

Between shopping excursions on Ave. Montaigne and business lunches on rue Faubourg St. Honoré, Petite Brigitte is no stranger to the enigmatic neighborhood of the Champs-Elysées. It’s a quartier littered with tourists, banal shopping (except for Montaigne and “le 66“), overpriced restaurants, cheesy clubs, and yes… les marcheuses (prostitutes).

Having tired of the usual places to get some bubbly in this neigborhood–  Café Chic, l’Empire du 8ème, Pershing Hall, etc –  a recent outing to La Villa came as a welcome suprise.  Situated a short walk down from l’Arc de Triomphe, the bar/resto, open since 2009 yet still largely undiscovered by many Parisians,  boasts a hip piano bar frequented in equal parts by local residents, international businessmen, and trendsetters.

Cocktails are pricey (13-20 euros), the staff is beautiful (especially the ruggedly handsome ex-model DJ who plays between piano sets), and it is the perfect place for a fancy springtime drink on the ample sidewalk terrasse.

Don’t worry, the only marcheuses on this corner of the Champs are wearing Louboutins.

La Villa
37 Avenue de Friedland
75008 Paris
01 82 28 75 08

First Lady Carla to star in Woody Allen film

Never one to get boxed into the quintessential “first lady” image, the bra-less record-releasing libertine that is the First Lady of France will now star in the upcoming Woody Allen film based in Paris.

Filming for this new Woody Allen production, tentatively titled “Midnight in Paris,”  begins this July, and other stars taking part included Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdams, Kathy Bates, and Owen Wilson.

The romantic comedy follows a family travelling to the city for business. The party includes a young engaged couple.

Hmmm…. a young engaged couple. Now there’s something Carla could break up faster than a baguette!

Lancel launches the BB bag in honor of Bardot

Maybe it’s thanks to the success of the BB exposition in Paris this past winter, but Bardot is back as a fashion influence this 2010 season in Paris!

This April, Lancel will produce the BB bag, in honor of the 60′s bombshell, and with her surprise approval and collaboration. Madame Bardot has signed off on this ecologically-sound handbag, which shall be produced using faux leather, organic coton, and natural coloring.

Leonello Borghi, artistic director of Lancel, explained the motivation behind the iconic hangbag’s debut: “Because every woman wants to possess something of Bardot, and because there is an aspect of Bardot in every woman.”

Rumors abound on the details of the bag, which will puportedly incorporate the  “Vichy” motif (i.e. gingham) that defined her wardrobe in the 50′s/60′s.  Prepare for it’s unveiling this month… Lancel debuts it from St. Tropez, bien sur!

KarL on becoming a supermodel:

Model Sigrid Agren,  images , dispersed with the banal interview questions and got straight to the point in a backstage interview with Karl at the Chanel show in Paris.28_karl_lg1

Karl, what is your advice on becoming a supermodel? He responds:

It’s not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second. That’s why the girls who were famous in the ‘90s can still work for advertising. People know their faces. The little blonde Russian, Sasha (Pivovarava), sash, has a face people can remember instantly, but for other models today, people think, Is she this one or that one? It’s very difficult, but, you see, in fact there is no advice, because all circumstances are very different. It depends on what you are ready to give, the kind of life you bring, what may be exciting or disappointing … You can’t accuse anyone of not doing enough to help you, because, besides yourself, there’s nothing anyone can do. You have to be given what’s needed by nature, and what’s needed is to bring something new. But it’s the most … (hits hand on table) unjust … (hits hand on table) thing in the world.

Fleche d’Or to close: too rock for the 20eme?



The legendary Fleche d’Or, known as one of the few outposts for live indie/pop music in Paris, will close its doors this month despite numerous petitions and artistic outcry.

It seems the up-and-coming 20eme arrondissment, with its new Starck hotspot Mama Shelter, has become too branché for the slightly grungy train station-turned concert space. After a series of noise complaints, the rock joint that once served as the backdrop for numerous artist debuts  is being forced out of the neighborhood. The building now belongs to the Republique Française and will be used as a reception/conference area.

Concerts are ongoing through the end of April, so get your fill of the indie rock ambiance before the curtain closes forever.

Subway / Métro : Gambetta (3) & Alexandre Dumas (2)