Best Clubs in Paris 2012


Tis the season to recap the best clubs in Paris for this year, 2012. Santé!

5. Titty Twister (above): A new club for your black leather nights. Inspired by the Rodriguez/Tarantino biker bar in From Dusk Til Dawn, this is the perfect club to bust out that Hell’s Angels look.  Right in the heart of club district at the end of rue Ponthieu, its one of the few clubs in Paris to offer a pool table in the spacious fumoir. Scantily clad employées also dance on the bar, but that’s the only place you’re likely to see much dancing as there is no real dance floor just roomy tables. Viva americana.

4. VIP Club: This big club is nothing very original, but the space is huge and there is a festive ambiance with a lot of highrollers you might see again during the summer in Saint Tropez. If bling is what you are looking for, VIP and its impresario Jean Roch have that covered. You might catch a spontaneous concert by the Black Eyed Peas, Busta Rhymes, or FloRida.  Dinner in the restaurant, Gioia, is a surprisingly nice experience for kicking off a night of partying.

3. Matignon: Whether you are finished your meal or not, the restaurant at Matignon turns up the music to club levels around 11pm, and from then on, expect lots of champagne popping, sparklers, and dancing. Thursday-Saturday, this place is booked, especially during fashion week. Downstairs the club is small but hosts regular tables of fashion models and chic Parisien types.

2. Raspoutine: A club for all ages. A rare mix of the fashionable and accomplished, the ancien regime and the new. Kate Moss drops in during fashion week, and Mick Jagger parties there until 4am on a Thursday night. Raspoutine is decadent, fun, and ‘members-only.’ Once a club of ill-repute, its now the place to see and be seen in Paris.

1. Cirque de Bonheur: A little bit of Ibiza in Paris. This giant space (formerly the Man Ray) is home to guest DJ’s and elaborate parties. It attracts equal parts posh and bohemia, and is known for it’s ecclectic themed parties and sideshows featuring fireblowers and midgets. At the helm of this club is Danish impresario, Rasmus Michau, who’s creativity and enthusiasm (and Viking good looks) have helped reinvigorate Parisian nightlife.

Tara Reid: ‘la Classe totale’ à Courchevel

TARA Reid is back to her partying ways in the French ski resort of Courchevel. The actress, best known for playing Vicky Lathum in 1999 film American Pie and having a botched breast implants, knocked back the French champagne Cristal with a group of friends at restaurant La Mangeoire before treating them to a version of The Eagles’ Hotel California, the New York Post reported.

via Tara Reid sings and jumps into a coffin at French ski resort | The Daily Telegraph.

All I want for Christmas…


PetiteBrigitte is making a list and checking it twice— and it’s getting sent to the North Pole as soon as this massive transport strike is over!

This photo speaks for itself.

Nope, it is not your average bubbly. Karl Lagerfeld, the master of luxe, has put together this hand-made coffret of exclusive Dom Perignon champagne, comprised of three bottles from 1996, two from 1986, and one very rare 1966. As if this isn’t exciting enough, the box also contains 3 champagne flutes (suggestive, eh?).

For the reasonable price-tag of 100,000 euros, you can give your champagne wishes to that special someone this holiday season!

Sommelier included.  

Blonde like Brigitte


She was a suicide blonde– dyed by her own hand.

- Saul Bellow

In a city where everyone has perfect hair– be it messy or dutifully coiffed– there’s no taking chances with your colorist, especially as a blonde. Walking out of a salon with a Kentucky Fried Coif is ample cause for a sabbatical in the wine region for a few months; drink it off and let it grow… (and pick up a hot sommelier while you’re at it).

Thankfully, there is a blonde-obsessed Parisian coiffeur who is doing a booming business for those of the blonde persuasion. His name is Franck Vidoff, and his salon is aptly named “Blonde.” The spot looks more like an art gallery or architectural office, with its white curtains and minimalist angles, but its understated exterior harbors some serious attention-grabbing blondes within. Franck takes care of many A-listers in Parisian society/fashion/music scene, including Eugenie Niarchos and Erin Fetherston. He caters to all shades, including as Franck describes: “sun-bleached blondes… honey blondes… Hollywood blondes, Warhol blondes…” – and uses techniques that nourish hair for a silky smooth finish. /12 rue Pres-aux-clercs / 75006 Paris / tel: 01 42 22 66 33

Karl Lagerfeld is eleGANT


Karl Lagerfeld has been through countless style reinventions over the past five decades. He’s morphed from bodybuilder to 18th century nobleman, and been both admired and mocked along the way. Well, no one’s making fun of Karl anymore. Ever since his draconian diet nearly 5 year ago, the designer has embraced a new look– haute rock star. And rightfully so; the man has climbed the ranks of fashion royalty and marketed himself into the stratosphere.

Now part of Karl’s signature look is a mere stroll away on rue de Castiglione near Place Vendome.

Whether they are black or silver, python or lamb, KL is rarely seen without his fingerless gloves (he’s always had insecurity issues about his man hands). The designer orders them in bulk from esteemed ‘gantier,’ the House of Causse. This season, the house had produced a luxurious collection for women… zebra and leopard prints, vernis, chocolate mink… all available to drool over at

photo courtesy of

Saving up for Ciocco: The ultimate Paris facial

facial.jpg joelle.gif

She has touched the faces of Madonna, Deneuve, Cindy Crawford, and countless French beauties over the past 30 years.

Joelle Ciocco (above right) is one of the most reknowned facialists in Europe, though she prefers the term “epidermologue.” Parisian women swear on her product line and 2 hour facials, claiming that they literally halt the aging process. For many clients, Joelle’s services have led them to cancel impending appointments with the plastic surgeon.

While her famous facials are usually reserved for women aged 40-60 years, Petite B figures its never too late to stop aging, or clear up the effects of stress-induced breakouts!

Only problem: How to foot the 600 euro price tag for a first appointment?

Products available exclusively at Barney’s New York.

Joëlle Ciocco
8, Place de la Madeleine
75008 Paris – France
Tel : +33 (0) 1 42 60 58 80
Fax : +33 (0) 1 39 74 97 51

Guilty Pleasure #3: Helena Rubinstein Lip Glosses

Yes, that IS Demi Moore. Someone was generous with the airbrush!


Not all lip glosses are created equal.

MAC is too sticky and unkissable. Chanel creases up. And Lancome is a goopy saccharin mess.

Thankfully Helena Rubinstein, the powerhouse luxe cosmetics line from L’Oreal, found the perfect formula. I have been a loyal user for around 3 years. The consistency, colors, and staying power are ideal– and miraculously, it isn’t a catastrophe when you pucker up!

This season, Spring/Summer 07, HR is offering 4 new limited colors called “Wanted Gloss” (22 euros)— 2 of which I snapped up immediately. The names of the colors are inspired by the line’s Los Angeles based covergirl, Demi Moore. Mine are called “Chateau Marmont” and “Sunset Strip,” and are a sparkly lavender and popsicle orange, respectively. The two others are equally desirable– in a versatile rose (Demi Moore’s favorite), and daring summer red.

Aside from these limited editions, Helena Rubinstein offers around 20 other staple colors. They are perfect alone or over a lipstick. They also make a great gift for any of your American friends— because you can’t buy Helena in the US! My mother is a big fan.

For more information on Helena, including strategic reasons you cannot find her in the US, click here.

Breaking News: Although Printemps carries only 4 colors, Petite Brigitte has just realized that the new Wanted Glosses are out in over 10 colors at Bon Marche!! Get thee to rue de Sevres! Colors in hot pinks, subtle pale rose, and more and more…  They are amazing!!

Chocolat … Guilty Pleasure #2

OK, I’ll admit it, when I think of the word Chocolat, this is the first image that comes to mind:


Unfortunately dear reader, this man is NOT my guilty pleasure.

Instead, you may recall the secret ingredient used in the movie, Chocolat. It was the chili pepper. Let me tell you, it lives up to its reputation… a serious aphrodisiac! Call me crazy, but it could be the female viagra.

That’s right, guilty pleasure #2 is Excellence Chili … the new version of specialty chocolate by Lindt.

If you have not tried it, get yourself over to the closest gourmet market and experience the biggest trend in chocolate, described by Lindt as “seductively piquant.” The flavors of dark cocoa give way to a full-bodied spicy touch- just the right amount to warm up those cold Parisian days. It is seductive. In fact, today it seduced me into eating an entire bar.

This is one item you might buy in bulk.

Excellence Chili by Lindt is available at La Grade Epicerie and Carrefour.

Update: TERRIBLE news. It turns out this chocolate was a LIMITED edition from Lindt. It is now off the shelves, but perhaps will be reintroduced (according to Bon Marche it sold tremendously well— grace a moi—and may come back!).

Facials at Yon-ka… guilty pleasure #1


Some people organize their schedules around work, football matches, or birthdays. I organize mine around my monthly appointment at Yon-Ka on Rue de Sevres.

I am convinced that this day spa is the french woman’s secret to skincare. How else do they get such a glowing visage when all I ever see them do is smoke cigarettes and eat carbohydrates?

Yon-Ka uses all natural fruit and flower extracts to create pure and radiant skin. Their labratories outside of Paris have been operating for 50 years, and in France the products have a loyal following. Indeed, my skin has never looked better, and I am hooked. Their treatments are highly personalized, and unlike other facials, you will NOT come out looking blotchy and broken out. Instead, your skin looks plump and rejuvenated. Try La Grande Classique for 1.5 hours of indulgence, or the mini-boosters for 30 minutes.

I can never leave without taking products with me. In my list of must-haves are:

-Creme 93 for morning

- Phyto 58 for night

- Phyto-contour pour yeux for m/n

Note: The Yon-Ka spa, while the epitome of natural, healthy beauty, also throws in an evil little temptation: they have a great set of tanning beds for only 11 euros a session.