Get Down & Dirty at your Paris Library


Forget those scandalous videos you’ve been downloading, and get over to the Bibliotheque Nationale this season for some eye-opening pornography. That’s right, porn in a national library!

The new exhibition is called “L’Enfer de la Bibliotheque; Eros au secret,” and showcases 170 years of meticulously collected pornographic material from France and the UK. (Some librarian has been having a lot of fun). Warning: this show is not for the faint of heart– some of the content is XXXX– and those under 16 are not allowed.

Think of it as a holiday gift from la Republique!

Check out this review for some dirty details.

“L’Enfer de la Bibliotheque, Eros aus secret”: open at the Bibliothèque Francois Mitterrand in the 13th arrondissement from 10am to 7pm on Tuesdays to Saturdays and from 1pm to 7pm on Sundays from tomorrow until 2 March. Entrance: 7 euros. Under 16s are banned.

Guess who’s back in town

What recently rehabbed designer was looking fit and healthy today (and a lot younger than his 44 years) while pumping iron at the hottest gym in Paris? His personal trainer couldn’t stop flirting!
Check him out in the next issue of W magazine, which will feature an article on his unusual tattoos (featured above).

Divine Dita fetes Dior…. again


Burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese flaunted her 21-inch waist as she sashayed along Avenue Montaigne this afternoon while leaving the Plaza Athenee.

Let’s face it: the French haven’t been this infatuated by an American since Marilyn Monroe. Dita graced the runway at Galliano’s show earlier this year, attended the huge Dior gala at Versailles this summer, and is now back to celebrate a new Dior store opening/60th anniversary. From the runway to the Crazy Horse, everyone in Paris wants Dita in their establishment.

She also signed a lucrative 2 year contract with French liquor label Cointreau, which is rather fitting considering her trademark burlesque performance involving a large martini glass.

Photo courtesy Flynet

Elle est trop belle


Camilla Belle is in Paris ahead of fashion week, as part of her involvement in a new Nespresso campaign… also starring George Clooney. Lucky girl.
The 19 year old actress will stay in town for fashion week, as invitations pour in from every designer. Her incredible looks have caught the attention of more than one Parisian house– from Gaultier to Chanel. This L.A. born beauty has no French relations… despite her last name (Belle is actually her middle name). Her mother is Brazillian.

Belle looked fresh-faced and chic as she strolled along Quai Voltaire last night with a group of friends. She is in between films, having recently completed 10,000 B.C. and in preparation for a film called Push, starring Djimon Hounsou and Dakota Fanning.

Starring Brigitte


Francophiles and BB fans have a little purchase to make this fall: the new Brigitte Bardot 5 film collection!

The five films showcase some of BB’s most sexy scenes, and make a fabulous montage of 20 years of French cinema. OK, so they aren’t Oscar winners, and they might not sit in your DVD player as long as Pride&Prejudice did, but this is a collector’s piece! Very few BB films have been released in DVD format.

To seal the deal, Hugh Heffner narrates a segment on BB’s life and career in the third disc of extras.

The collection includes:

Cette sacre gamine (Naughty Girl)

Voulez-vous danser avec moi? (Come dance with me)

Le repos du guerrier (Love on a Pillow)

A coeur joie (2 weeks in September)

Les Femmes (Vixen)

For more info on this fabulous new release, click here.

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Bumping into Rodders at Le 66


I knew that rugby fever had hit Paris. I just didn’t know how hard!

Speaking of hard, Rodney So’oialo (aka Rodders) is 110 kg of pure muscle. I know because I bumped into him yesterday while covering the new opening of Le 66. He was buying one of those new edition Puma wooden belts, I was looking at shoes, and the massive New Zealander was hard to miss. His calves are larger than my waist.

Rodders was there with another New Zealand teammate, and they both autographed the shoe display at Le 66 and promised to bring the rest of the team back. Le 66 is a fabulous new clothing/concept store located at 66 Champs-Elysees.

As one of the most recognizable rugby players in the world,  you are sure to hear more about Rodders in the next few weeks. The All Blacks play Italy tomorrow in Marseille.

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Cinema Chic on the Champs


Going to the movies on the Champs-Elysées has been a favorite PB pastime for many years. Not only are you guaranteed a VO (version original), but there is nothing quite like exiting a theater to the sight of the Arc de Triumph. La Grande Classe.

Going to the movies on the Champs should call for a bit more effort than your typical outing to the megamall in Podunk. I know the MacDo is right next door to the George V cinema, but BigMac’s and popcorn are far too middle America for full-time Parisians.

Here is how to bring a little chic to your next flic.

1. Instead of popcorn, stop in at Ladurée and pick up an assortiment of macaroons to go. Try the new summer flavor “menthe glaciel” which is my favorite new option– it tastes like a mojito. Other winning flavs are pistache, chocolate amer, rose, and fleur d’oranger. 

2. Walk up towards the Arc to the Drugstore, where you can pop in and grab a demi-bouteille of Veuve Clicquot, pret-a-boire and easily stuffed into your oversized raffia YSL bag. Don’t forget to ask for 2 plastic cups (assuming you’ve brought un ami). Proceed across street to George V theater.

Champagne and macaroons will make even the most mundane of blockbusters, like Fantastic4 & the Silver Surfer, seem enchanting.

Bonne séance! For a nice apres-drink, cross the Champs and head towards the Arc to Sir Winston’s, a favorite watering hole of the 8ème crowd.


 Movie listings at


In Pursuit of a Derrière bronzé



You may have noticed that PetiteBrigitte has been delinquint in her normally steady line of postings. For those readers in France, you will understand why: It’s AUGUST!

The Parisian party scene is dying down, tourists have overun the city, and anyone leading a life of leisure has escaped to more chic climes such as St. Trop or Porto Cervo.

PB was going to try to keep up with postings, but lost all motivation upon realizing that even Cafe Flore has shut its doors for two weeks! That’s it: time for vacation!

Be back in 2 or 3 weeks with a good tan. Check back for intermittant postings!

Kylie back to see her French lover?


Kylie Minogue was around town today… shopping at Colette and walking Sheba… the dog she shared with Olivier Martinez before their unfortunate break-up. Could this mean she is still shagging the YSL hunk? Lets hope so: why let a good French lover go? I mean, did you even watch him in Unfaithful?!

Regardless, Kylie’s success in both career and life are unquestionable these days: she has just been selected as the first female recipient of the Music Industry Trust Award– a highly prestigious honor recognizing her contribution to the British music industry.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of her first single “Loco-Motion,” Kylie is throwing down over a million euros for a huge bash in London this summer which will include close friends, celebrities and musicians. She is shopping for venues this month, and the date is set for early August.

It looks like a busy summer for the pint-sized diva, who releases a new album in December… to be followed by a world tour in 2008. Can we say… workaholic?

Mystery Solved

We were wondering why you had left us all alone and gotten so quiet on the comments boards…

Until we realized the option had been switched off! Oops. Petite B is open to your comments once again! Just click the link below the articles.

Remembering Cannes


Just to clarify:

We here at La Vie de PetiteBrigitte are NOT obsessed with Brigitte Bardot. We do, however, credit her as the ultimate muse of 50’s and 60’s French riviera glamour. We do not follow or endorse any of BB’s current pursuits!

That being said, BB gave a RARE interview to CNN this week, discussing her bittersweet memories of the Festival de Cannes.

2 weeks to get in shape


My friends have a hard time getting to Paris to visit me, but several of them have just phoned in to let me know they are coming to Paris for another reason:

The Marathon de Paris!!

Everyone from LA fashionistas to Austrailian aborigines will be running themselves crazy on the April 15th race. With over 30,000 runners, and twice that number in spectators, the Marathon will be impossible to miss as it runs through the center of Paris. Needless to say, PetiteBrigitte will be a spectator in this event.

Music groups, pasta parties, and free give-a-ways will also mark the day. As will 30,000 “sponge stations” to cool off the runners. Hmm…. should PetiteB organize a sponge station on the Left Bank? Sounds kinky. ;)

9 main refreshment stands will keep runners energized. These will consist of:

  • a lot of bananas: 8 500 kg on the route + 30 000 bananas in the finish area,
  • 14 250 kg of oranges on the route + 30 000 oranges in the finish area,
  • 400 000 bottles of water,
  • 12 000 liters of Energy drink Powerade Aqua + at km 10, 20, 25, 30 and 35
  • 2 000 kg of dried fruit,
  • 2 000 kg of sugar (cubes). how sweet.

If you are up for the challenge, you have two weeks to train! Tips and all other information, including the specific times you can expect a deluge of sweaty runners in your neighborhood, can be found at

Bon courage!

Charlotte Gainsbourg: just your normal francaise


Yes, I’m in love with Paris. Some days I walk out of my door in the mornings, and feel like I am still dreaming. Today was one of those days, but not for the ususal reasons.

Today I walked out of my door and right into Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Well, I didn’t bump her, but we did make brief eye contact. She was by herself, looking very bobo in jeans and a Zadig & Voltaire ensemble, no make-up, and her hair was long and stringy. Ah, so French. Of course, I recognized her right away– although for a brief moment her sister, Lou Doillon, came to mind because they look rather similar in the jawline.

Of course, a reminder why we love Charlotte: she is refreshingly normal, a talented singer/actress, classically French, leads a beautiful life with husband Yvan Attal and her 2 children. And oh yess, she is the daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, who romanced our heroine Brigitte Bardot. Actually, both of her parents have been naked in bed with wild Brigitte!

Update: Charlotte has just recorded an album (her 2nd, the 1st was 10 years ago (when she was 13!) and written for her by her father). The new album was recently released, and is called 5:55.  It was recorded with the lyrics of Jarvis Cocker and Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon, and the music is by Air (amazing French band, who also just released a new album, Pocket Symphony). Charlotte’s new album was produced by Nigel Godrich, who is the producer for Radiohead and Sir Paul McCartney.

A Haiku for you


An uneventful few days, mes amis.

It seems as though the British girls have flooded the city this weekend. What strumpets! They are a cross between Sienna Miller and Baby Spice. Messy, disheveled hair piled into a nest on top of their head, layers of cardigans, leggings, and Flinstone-esque jewelry. Always a little pudgy from excessive alcohol consumption (or lack of sex). Ouh, that was mean.

Nothing else to report. I will be more exciting next week, je te jure! In the meantime, a haiku, inspired by my neighborhood flower shop (above).

See the ripe blossoms

In the damp Paris morning:

springtime in a cup

An Omen I’m getting married?

Today as I was walking along Rue de L’Universite, an old woman stopped in front of me and picked up a shimmering object from the sidewalk. It was a large gold wedding band. She held it up to the sky and said, ‘Thank you God!’, and kept walking. I passed her, maintaining my perpetual pout of indifference (very French), until suddenly I heard a call from a few feet behind me.
The old woman, still holding the ring, came up to me and explained that she wanted ME to have the ring… stating that it was an omen I would get married soon, and that it wasn’t meant for her to find because she was so old. How adorable. I shook my head and thanked her, saying I would feel bad accepting it, and that it was her luck to find it. But she insisted.
Not one to reject a large gold object when it is forced upon me, I took it, and turned to leave. Then, in a benine manner, she asked for a little money to eat.
Hmmmmmmmmm. I gave her 3 euros. Somehow in the confusion of the moment the whole set-up had not dawned on me. This could not be such an elaborate scam.

I left, with the gold band on my thumb, still hoping that it was real gold. Unwilling to accept my gullibility. It had a mark on the interior! It was heavy! After a few hours of wear, however, I removed it to find a green thumb. So sad. Lesson to be learned: Don’t talk to strangers, even old women.