Inès de la Fressange, a Frenchwoman’s Parisienne

Check out Elaine’s NY Times review of Inès de la Fressange’s new style book on how to look French. I must admit, its the best guide I’ve seen in a long time on attaining that certain “je ne sais quoi”. English version available in Paris at W.H. Smith.

THE perfect Parisian woman is an illusion, bien sûr. But learning to pretend to be one is a serious business that dates back centuries.

It is an enterprise that continues to thrive with profitable how-to books like, “How to Become a Real Parisian,” “The Parisian Woman’s Guide to Style” and “All You Need to Be Impossibly French.” Now Inès de la Fressange, ex-runway model, former face of Chanel, Legion of Honor winner, designer, businesswoman and daughter of a marquis, offers yet another take on how to dress, shop, eat and act like a true “Parisienne.” This onetime muse of Karl Lagerfeld has spun her beauty and style tips into a confection of a best seller, “Parisian Chic: A Style Guide,” which has sold more than 100,000 copies in French and has just hit the American market.

The book might have withered and died on the shelves, except that Ms. de la Fressange combines a “je ne sais quoi” audacity with a sassy tone, and leaves readers believing that, by following her rules and experimenting with confidence, they, too, can be just like her.

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For the love of french women




Napoleon’s dream of invading England will finally come true in 2011. With a handful of truly French fashion labels like Maje, Sandro, Vanessa Bruno, and the Kooples opening up shop, the frenchie fashion invasion is clearly underway in London. Vive la look française!

If you are an admirer of french women… here are your essential addresses for shopping the look in London. Check out article below:

Nailing that effortless elegance is a big part of the desire to buy into Parisian dressing. ‘The thing about a Frenchwoman is she never looks like she’s tried too hard,’ says Laura Fantacci, Red magazine’s fashion and shopping editor. ‘Chanel did the same thing half a century ago when she teamed a sailor’s stripy tee with men’s palazzo trousers.’

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Palais Royal: prepare to shop

Palais Royal (or to be specific, the Galeries de Montpensier) is known for its manicured trees, delightfully shaded cafes, and, ok– Marc Jacobs and Pierre Hardy stores. It is the perfect place to sit out by the fountain on a lazy Saturday morning and read the journal.

Enjoy that tranquility while it lasts, because the Palais Royal is fast on its way to rivaling other shopping districts like Avenue Montaigne and the Marais.

Now rumored to be joining Marc Jacobs on the arcade is Stella McCartney, who is looking to open her first Parisian store. Ralph Lauren is already committed to the location. And Acne Jeans will come in to provide something we can actually afford!

Cavalli roars through H&M


The Roberto Cavalli capsule collection for H&M hit stores this morning, and flocks of ostentatious fur-wearing ho’s set their alarm clocks early to make it to the store before stocks ran out.  As if women don’t look trashy enough in Cavalli’s normal collection, they now have the opportunity to look TRES trashy.

The collection is small and in limited quantities, which is a blessing because we all might become sick if we saw 20 girls in one day wearing the same leopard corset. Yes, if you bought everything in the collection (and a lot of women were loaded up), your closet would look like you returned from a big game hunt— complete with the crocodile Dundee black leather fringed vest (possibly the most hideous thing, and in the arms of nearly every woman there.) Your wardrobe would include: the leopard corset, leopard and zebra chiffon dresses, leopard tights, a gold flapper dress,  leopard jeans, leopard scarves, leopard bras/panties, leopard lined blazers…. you get the point.

So for those readers looking for a lucrative night on the Bois de Boulogne, swing by H&M today for your chance to make all your colleagues jealous.

Note: Reports from two saleswomen say the collection will be gone after the lunch hour. Ho la la, la la…………

Blonde like Brigitte


She was a suicide blonde– dyed by her own hand.

- Saul Bellow

In a city where everyone has perfect hair– be it messy or dutifully coiffed– there’s no taking chances with your colorist, especially as a blonde. Walking out of a salon with a Kentucky Fried Coif is ample cause for a sabbatical in the wine region for a few months; drink it off and let it grow… (and pick up a hot sommelier while you’re at it).

Thankfully, there is a blonde-obsessed Parisian coiffeur who is doing a booming business for those of the blonde persuasion. His name is Franck Vidoff, and his salon is aptly named “Blonde.” The spot looks more like an art gallery or architectural office, with its white curtains and minimalist angles, but its understated exterior harbors some serious attention-grabbing blondes within. Franck takes care of many A-listers in Parisian society/fashion/music scene, including Eugenie Niarchos and Erin Fetherston. He caters to all shades, including as Franck describes: “sun-bleached blondes… honey blondes… Hollywood blondes, Warhol blondes…” – and uses techniques that nourish hair for a silky smooth finish. /12 rue Pres-aux-clercs / 75006 Paris / tel: 01 42 22 66 33

Kate Moss hits Colette again!


Ah, there is a God.
No sooner had I lazily strolled into Colette this morning did the sales clerk start unpacking the boxes of new Kate Moss for TopShop Autumn/Winter 07!

Stunned by this fateful encounter, I was all over the collection before it hit the rack (no time for the usual decorum reserved for Collette). The sales clerk shot me evil eyes as I tossed my bags to the ground and proceeded to try on a sexy biker jacket– hey, I was IN Topshop London for the first collection debut, and I knew full well the frenzy that was about to break out in Colette!

The collection bears many marks of the first one; tank tops, skinny jeans, and the one-shoulder dress (this time in green). It also keeps the flower motif, but this time in a more flowy chiffon peasant top. The edgy studded biker jackets are going to be the first to go; for 178 euros you can’t beat their flattering cropped shape, 3/4 length sleeves, and pyramid grommets.

Get there fast, the best of this collection will be gone by tomorrow!

Cheap & Chic Vintage


I’m sure you are familiar with Free P Star… the little vintage shop on Rue Saint Croix de la Bretonnerie in the Marais (across from Amorino). But have you noticed the sister store on the other side of BHV on Rue de la Verrerie– Fripes Star?!It’s huge, cheap, and you can actually move around!

You’ll find a vast selection of vintage dresses for 10-20 euros, handbags, shoes, and leather jackets. Old army jackets and uniforms. Some of the best buys are 80’s style dresses and fabulous vintage belts! While the big designer labels are scarce, the clothes are too vintageworthy to pass up. You’ll think twice before going back to Come on Eileen!

The name outside the store is “Fripes Star“. Address to follow soon. Across from MegaSun on Rue de la Verrerie. :)