Best outdoor dining in Paris


Here is Petite Brigitte’s list for the best outdoor dining in Paris. Bon app!

  1. Le Café de l’Homme: With a view of the Eiffel Tower to leave you breathless, this restaurant at the heart of Trocadero is both trendy and romantic.
  2. Drouant & La Fontaine Gaillon: These restaurants are side by side in a calm neighborhood near the Opera. While Drouant wins for all around cuisine, Fontaine Gaillon’s lush candelit ambiance and delicious seafood keeps us coming back.
  3. Le Saut de Loup: You might want to lower your expectations (slow service and hit&miss food), but this restaurant terasse set in the middle of the Louvre has one of the best outdoor placements in Paris. They serve a nice duo de tartare as well.
  4. Minipalais: This elegant restaurant (featured above) has noble proportions and is located in the Grand Palais. It’s great for a dinner with visiting family or business guests.
  5. Derriere: It’s a funky neighborhood joint that has the right mix of trendy and laid-back bohemian. With reasonable prices and a fun adjoining bar (“Andy Wahloo”), the terasse of this resto is hopping all summer long.

What are your fav outdoor spots to eat in Paris?

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