Midnight in Paris : Petite Brigitte’s movie pick of 2011

It usually would be extraneous to talk about a movie poster in a movie review, but in this case the poster for Woody Allen’s latest feature, Midnight in Paris, is particularly instructive. Here we see Owen Wilson, cast in the role of the stereotypical Allen protagonist and even dressed in a nebbish fashion much like Woody in Annie Hall or any number of his films, walking along the Seine in Paris. Behind him, the city is dissolving into a post-Impressionist landscape, the sky alight with the swirling celestial background of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Although the character of Gil Pender (Wilson) will find himself transported — literally, via a vintage Peugeot that appears at the same bend of a Parisian street at midnight — not to Van Gogh’s Arles but to Hemingway’s Paris a la Moveable Feast, the poster effectively conveys the magic realism that Allen infuses into the film, his best in recent memory.

via Rob Kirkpatrick: Woody Rediscovers Woody in Paris.

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