Haute highlights


Haute couture fashion week ended on Friday, and dedicated fashionistas flew back to their L.A. mansions and Park Ave penthouses this weekend. The week went smoothly and the parties were elegant affairs, such as the bash at Chaumet’s HQ at Place Vendome– a far cry from the men’s fashion week!

Highlights of the week included Roland Mouret’s continued comeback into the world of fashion, where his show found celebrities like Victoria Beckham lined up to buy his smartly cut and masterfully detailed silhouettes.


The city was full of the nouveau establishment, like Victoria and Dita von Teese, who once again sat together at Chanel and forced comparisons between their albino/orange skin complexion.

We saw a lot of the old establishment in town to bid Arrivederci to Valentino, including former muses Eva Herizgova, Claudia Schiffer, and Nadja Auermann.


Valentino’s show was dramatic and poignant, especially at the final bow. Now Karl Lagerfeld is the only big maestro left in the old designer clan! Val plans to focus his retirement on designing for the ballet and opera.


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2 thoughts on “Haute highlights

  1. SenoritaD says:

    UGGH I can’t stand Victoria Beckham…I wish people would stop paying attention to her. She is BEYOND artificial…the woman looks like she’s made entirely of plastic!! And that stupid haircut…do something different, already!

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