Party of le Week: Tranoi


Men’s fashion week was the buzz of the town this past weekend, as the industry flocked to Paris to snap up the hot creations from designers like Kris von Assche, Hedi Slimane, and dozens of up-and-coming createurs. Two major men’s expositions– Tranoi and Rendez-vous, took place to showcase new collections from edgy designers like Surface to Air, Gaspard Yurkievich, and Xavier Brisoux.

Parties of mention around the city include last nights wild bash at the opulent Hotel Paiva (above) for Tranoi, where the night started with a presentation by Bernard Wilhelm, and was followed by entertainment by the Broken Hearts Club. What began as classy red carpet event ended like a frat party, and by 3am, the champagne needed restocking and bouncers were busy hauling out roudy partiers. “Literally an hour after the Veuve was brought out, the wheels fell off and everyone went crazy. I saw someone get rugby tackled on the dance floor. At that point the level was set for the night,” said Mic Eaton of up-and-coming label, Material Boy. “I’m rather tired today,” he added.

Other parties were held over the weekend at La Scala and Experimental Cocktail Club (which was THE private venue of the week, hosting everyone from Details magazine to the Rendez-Vous group).

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