Eva Green cited by Mr. Blackwell!

Eva for the Dior 60th anniversary party at Versailles. Summer 2007. 


Bond girl Eva Green caught the fashion fury of Mr. Blackwell this year, as she landed  number 6 on the infamous 48th Annual Worst Dressed List. The fashion forward Parisian, who has made some daring choices in wardrobe selection (though always leaning towards haute couture), was not available for comment after the release of the list.

But is she really that bad? Is she dressing badly or just making some non-commercial fashion statements? Here she is in Alexander McQueen:


Eva was the only Frenchie to be caught up in the fashion attack, which had L.A. buzzing yesterday as Posh Spice listed at number 1, followed by other less surprising names like Amy Winehouse, Kelly Clarkson, and Mary Kate Olsen.

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3 thoughts on “Eva Green cited by Mr. Blackwell!

  1. Fred says:

    From the POV of a male who likes an elegantly dressed woman with a minimum amount of makeup, Eva looks horrible much of the time. She definitely aims to be non-commerical, and if it makes her happy… my loss is her gain, unfortunately.

  2. I don’t know, the pink is pretty bad, it’s true, but it takes moxie to leave the house like that, and I defend moxie every time. And Eva Green is so stunning I think she can wear whatever she pleases and still emerge untainted.

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