The Hottest Sarkozy: Premier Fils!


He looks more like a Casiraghi than a Sarkozy, but Pierre Sarkozy (above right) is the eldest son of the President, and at 22 years of age we can’t understand how this hottie has evaded the teen hearthrob magazines?

 Pierre was ‘outed’ today as a rap producer. He’s been collaborating with explicit rappers like Poison, who know him only by the name ‘Mosey’ and not as the First Son of France.

Poison tells the AP: “When I found out, I swear I went ballistic,” Poison said. “The worst thing is that … I found out maybe six, seven months ago, and I’ve known the guy for the last five years. He’s a friend.”

On his MySpace page, hot Pierre credits the song ‘La Rue’ as one of his tracks.

Sarko has declined to comment on family matters, but there is a lot of irony in this situation: as Interior Minister, Sarko vowed to crack down on explicit rap lyrics!

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