President Sarkozy proposes marriage to Bruni


Barely 4 months after his divorce from Cecilia, le Journal du Dimanche reports today that Sarkozy and former-top-model Carla Bruni will walk down the aisle in a wedding planned for February 8th or 9th. This well-informed news source, owned by a close friend of Sarko’s, seems to have the inside scoop on the nuptials.

According to the paper, Sarkozy gave Carla an engagement ring designed by Victoire de Castellance of Dior. She gave him a Patek Phillipe watch.

The couple have been together one month, and recently caused an international paparazzi incident over the holidays when they vacationed in Egypt– sharing the same Presidential suite and frolicking on the beach.

The reaction among the French people is mixed this morning. Many are shocked by the speed of this apparent ‘coup-de-foudre.’ One Parisian offered up the observation that, “It would be like the frog marrying the Princess.”

Rumors have been swirling for the past week after Carla’s mother, a former concert pianist who lives in a castle in Turin, confirmed that Sarkozy had given her daughter a ring and wanted an answer on New Year’s Day. Carla was said to be considering the proposal. Known as a ‘femme fatale’ and free spirit, Carla had previously stated to Le Figaro that monogamy “bores me desperately.”

………Is Sarko making a good decision, or is he headed for divorce number 3? We want your thoughts, so comment below!

Photo courtesy FilmMagic.

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5 thoughts on “President Sarkozy proposes marriage to Bruni

  1. marrying on the rebound says:

    Sarko is marrying on the rebound as everyone can see. He knows it will last until the end of his term in office for sure.

  2. girlandthecity says:

    Totally bizarre news! No wonder his approval rating is going down!
    Happy New Year by the way! Let’s meet up soon!!!
    xox Girl and the City

  3. He is going to loose eveything he has build in is political life. And a big part of the people who vote for him for president. The frenchs (like me) do not apreciate AT ALL his behaviour … By the way, we deserve a lady, not a “intrigante de cour”.
    Looking back to the history of France should let everyone know that it is going to turn into a bad end … We do not want at all this girl to represente our country. French womans feels humiliates. We deserve (and the history of our country) someone else !!

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