Berthillon’s Fois Gras ice cream


Our muse (for her early work), the eternally infamous Brigitte Bardot, has issued a fatwa against beloved ice creamer Berthillon.

Serving scoops by the thousand on the ile Saint Louis, Berthillon is known for its uncompromisingly natural ingredients in an array of flavors– from rose and lavender to the new flavor du jour– foie gras.

Berthillon vows that its fois gras ice cream is made with 50% foie gras of French origin. Yuck!

BB threw a fit upon hearing this, saying that the famed cremerie is an “accomplice to this industry of suffering and death”.

“Force-feeding is real torture for geese and ducks that must swallow in a matter of a few seconds so much food that their liver swells up to ten times its normal size,” she said. “Blood should not be spilled to make new ice creams, it makes no sense.”

For once, we agree with BB, mainly because this flavor sounds absolutely degoutant! Come on Berthillon, couldn’t you do a better flavor— like Veuve Clicquot, or Drambouie?

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3 thoughts on “Berthillon’s Fois Gras ice cream

  1. Robert says:

    As degoutant as it probably is, everything I’ve ever had from Berthillon has been amazing. I’d be up for trying their foie gras maybe. However, Veuve Clicquot does sound like an awesome flavor.

  2. GROSS!! That reminds me of something my girlfriend eats – cubes or rice that have been soaked in pig’s blood, or just blocks of pigs blood boiled in soup. Are you kidding me! YUCK!

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