Jay Z & Beyonce: married in Paris! (?)


Unconfirmed reports from primarily one source, mediatakeout.com, suggest that the longtime hip-hop duo got married in Paris when the couple was in town celebrating JayZ’s 38th birthday on December 5th.

The two allegedly married in a small, private ceremony in which they exchanged… tattoos… not rings. The couple, who have been together since 2002, deny the reports (yet again), but were photographed suspiciously holding their ring fingers as they left Hotel Meurice.

MediaTakeout.com is the same site that claimed Beyonce was 35 years-old. Oops!

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4 thoughts on “Jay Z & Beyonce: married in Paris! (?)

  1. How could they have gotten married, what with the residency rules and all? I thought that at least one partner had to have lived in France for at least 40 days before the wedding day….unless they make exceptions for stars!

  2. petitebrigitte says:

    My thoughts exactly Samantha, which is why I am surprised that now many sources are reporting the same thing! Getting married in France isn’t easy! Of course, there is always the possibility they own real estate here. However, what is the point of denying the marriage after they already got away with it?!


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