“Lou-bou-tin” says Suri Cruise


At the rate she’s going, Suri Cruise will have her fashion vocabulary on par with Anna Wintour by the time she’s 5.

The 19-month-old daughter of Tom & Katie Cruise has just been fitted for custom shoes by Christian Louboutin.

Sources say “They made a mould of Suri’s feet and hand-made a pair of bespoke shoes for her. She is their youngest client.” Looks like moderation isn’t part of the Scientology book!

The jet-set toddler’s wardrobe costs thousands of dollars a month to maintain. She wore Armani for her parents wedding last year, sported Cavalli booties out in NYC, and can’t be caught without some piece from Dior Baby. We hope the Cruise family gives enough charitable donations to justify these designer threads!

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2 thoughts on ““Lou-bou-tin” says Suri Cruise

  1. ExpatShopper says:

    this is really kind of twisted. all that excess for a child who is going to outgrow all those clothes by what, next week? instead of teaching material excess, Kate and Tom should teach Suri about taking the money for the Louboutins and donating it to charity. Maybe that way Suri will grow up to be grateful and generous, and not just another spoiled Hollywood brat.

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