Cavalli roars through H&M


The Roberto Cavalli capsule collection for H&M hit stores this morning, and flocks of ostentatious fur-wearing ho’s set their alarm clocks early to make it to the store before stocks ran out.  As if women don’t look trashy enough in Cavalli’s normal collection, they now have the opportunity to look TRES trashy.

The collection is small and in limited quantities, which is a blessing because we all might become sick if we saw 20 girls in one day wearing the same leopard corset. Yes, if you bought everything in the collection (and a lot of women were loaded up), your closet would look like you returned from a big game hunt— complete with the crocodile Dundee black leather fringed vest (possibly the most hideous thing, and in the arms of nearly every woman there.) Your wardrobe would include: the leopard corset, leopard and zebra chiffon dresses, leopard tights, a gold flapper dress,  leopard jeans, leopard scarves, leopard bras/panties, leopard lined blazers…. you get the point.

So for those readers looking for a lucrative night on the Bois de Boulogne, swing by H&M today for your chance to make all your colleagues jealous.

Note: Reports from two saleswomen say the collection will be gone after the lunch hour. Ho la la, la la…………

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