Luxe week in Cannes


PetiteBrigitte, queen of all things luxe, hit up the TFWA travel & duty free trade show in Cannes this week. The massive expo is for mega-buyers in the luxury/cosmetics/dutyfree industry, and exhibitors included Chanel, Hermes, La Prairie, YSL, and Versace. This translates to lots of free samples and goodie bags (including massive amounts of chocolate from generous stands like Nestle and Mars).

Freebies aside, the show also offers visitors a sneak peek at new launches and best-selling products. For example, PetiteB got a first sniff of Costume National‘s 21st anniversary perfume, called “21,” as well as Monique L’Huillier‘s first fragrance for her emerging lifestyle collection (very California girl with heavy notes of citrus).

Also noteworthy was Kate Moss’ new perfume, called “Kate.” Currently the number one perfume in the UK, the scent is not available in France. According to the salesman, this is because the French retailers are too snobby to stock it!

The event lasts until Friday at the Palais du Festival in Cannes, when all the vendors give away their products to the crowd– we’re talking big jars of Creme de la Mer, gratuit!

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3 thoughts on “Luxe week in Cannes

  1. Miss Maia says:

    Has anyone smelled David and Posh Beckham’s new perfumes? I haven’t, but am morbidly curious about what they’re like — not that I’d ever want to smell like either of them.

  2. petitebrigitte says:

    Funny you should ask Miss M, but David and Victoria’s perfumes… one of which is called “initmately beckham” was being rep’d by the same distributor as “Kate” at the Coty stand. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to sniff– i was too preoccupied with the big bottle of Kate the sales agent had just given me. hehe

    PS: after wearing Kate a few days I am convinced it smells really cheap. Like a flowery musk that pre-teens would wear.

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