Victoria vs. von Teese


 Dita von Teese (left), the burlesque diva, posing next to Victoria Beckham (right) outside of the Chanel show in Paris.

OK, so fashion week has been over for a while, but PetiteBrigitte is still running through the photos and had to stop for a moment of reflection. Aside from the fact that the amount of artifice in these two divas is enough to shatter a lens, could they look any more opposite when standing side by side?

Dita, who has dyed her naturally blonde hair to raven black for over 16 years, paints a pale 1940’s bombshell silhouette with a custom black ensemble and red nails. Victoria, newly Californicated with a heavy dose of spray-on tan to contrast the plantinum locks, looks like a futuristic 1950’s barbie doll in her vintage dress from the same decade.

One thing is for sure: these two are a rare breed of woman. Though with so much artifice going on here, they could quite possibly be men.

Speaking of men, do they find these looks sexy? Honestly, much hotter women could be found walking the Tuileries last week, and the Sartorialist had his eye out for them….


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8 thoughts on “Victoria vs. von Teese

  1. Miss Maia says:

    I agree — these women look like they’re made out of wax. They belong in Madame Tussaud’s museum, not walking and breathing among the normal, beautiful, natural people of the world!

  2. Ladyjicky says:

    I have not used spray tan since the late 70’s and it was a cream that went everywhere so maybe I am wrong in saying this but – I can only imagine Victoria’s sheets with all the tan wearing off (like mine used to! ) and the sheets with terrible orangey marks all over them! Mind you, she does not have to wash them , some poor old maid would. Does the stuff still wear off on your cloths and sheets these days? God, I am showing my age! LOL

  3. Sneaux says:

    Dita looks classy – the other one looks like a typical plasticized Californian. Sure there are more naturally beautiful women – but they’re not in the lime light.

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