Punching & Kissing? French Art World has seen it all

A break from our normal celeb/fashion/fluff programming: 


A horrendous break-in at the Musee d’Orsay on the night of the Nuit Blanche left a hole in one of Monet’s finest paintings, Le Pont d’Argenteuil. Five drunken teenagers (including one woman), forced their way into the poorly guarded museum in the early hours of Sunday morning, and PUNCHED the painting. A spokesman for Orsay also said the group left “various bits of filth” before escaping the museum.

Motive? Unclear. The attack on Monet appears to have been spontaneous, judging from CC cameras inside the building. One of the punks has already talked, and it looks like they are in serious hot water. Rehab in Morocco perhaps?

This isn’t the only egregious crime to take place this year in the French art world. A French woman is currently standing trial for KISSING a $2.8 million painting by abstract artist Cy Twombley. The all-white painting was left with a big red lipstick kiss, which 30 cleaning products have failed to remove. Now that’s some long-lasting, color-stay lip color.

  “I take responsibility for my act. This white canvas inspired me. I am told it is forbidden to do such things, but it was totally spontaneous,” she said in the trial. “I just gave a kiss. It was a gesture of love; when I kissed it, I did not think it out carefully, I just thought the artist would understand.”


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One thought on “Punching & Kissing? French Art World has seen it all

  1. Maia says:

    Rehab in Morocco would not be punishment enough for the stupid teens who ruined the Monet painting! The good news though, is that the curators of D’Orsay do believe that the painting can be fully repaired w/o any further damage.

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