A walk in the parc


If the pigeons have all dropped dead at Jardin de Luxembourg, we may have found the cause.

Victoria Beckham took a stroll in our neighborhood park yesterday, wearing THAT.

Followed by paparazzi, bodyguards, and the photo crew that was directing the fashion shoot for American ELLE, Victoria looked like a rare bird spawned from the depths of hell as she disturbed the sleepy tranquility of the jardins.

She looks so joyful. Almost as joyful as she looked at the Chanel show, while sitting next to Nina Garcia, Ralph Lauren, and Dita Von Teese:


But not nearly as joyful as she looks with her male accompaniment for fashion week, Cruz Beckham. What a fun mommy!


Victoria is staying at the Ritz for her Parisian sejour. She was spotted making a hasty exit from the hotel yesterday, just as the massive frenzy of cameras descended on the hotel for the Diana inquest (nearly 30 camera crews are still there today as jurors tour the hotel).

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8 thoughts on “A walk in the parc

  1. How can anyone who looks that good, have a handsome husband, a cute little boy, and more money than she knows what to do with be so joyless. She should just stay home and spare everyone the pained look that always on her face.

  2. Victoria Beckham gives me the creeps! She seems so inhuman!!
    That said I will always remember one evening at the Cuckoo Club in London a couple of months ago – David and Victoria holding hands, flirting, and looking generally loved-up! Too much champagne? Or just plain happy?!
    Weird sight – especially when they usually look so wax-museum posed!

    xox Girl and the City

  3. Ladyjicky says:

    You would look that grumpy if you never ate and spent all the time at the plastic surgeon. Have you seen how old some of the magazines are in those doctors rooms! I bet she see her old face and body in them !

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