Above Magazine at the VIP room


After an exhausting day of covering the shows (well, ok… four shows: Gaspard Yurkievich, Vivienne Westwood, Dior, and Fatima Guerrout), PetiteBrigitte rallied for an evening of fashion parties around the Champs-Elysées.

VIP room hosted the launch party for Above Magazine‘s 7th volume, entitled ‘Opulence.’ The magazine targets the new generation of style conscious fashion consumers, and provides fresh commentary and original photo spreads. It’s so chic it doubles as a coffee table book. This issue features Rose McGowan on the cover, and contains a beautiful layout and interview with brit-aristo-trendsetter Daphne Guinness. Several contributors and photographers were on hand to celebrate the new issue, including Parisian photographers Les Deux Garçons, who were busy snapping away impromptu shots of party-goers.

In attendance (surprisingly): fashion editor Hamish Bowles, Michael Brown of Vanity Fair, and photographer Ellen von Unwerth (featured above).

For those unfamiliar with the VIP room, it is one of the least enjoyable venues in Paris, yet for some reason still takes in some big parties like this summer’s Longoria/Parker festivities. Last night was a hot mess: after a humid day of destroying our shoes in the Tuileries mud, all we wanted was a tall drink and some cool ventilation. And, as usual, VIP did not deliver. Thank heavens for the open bar, even if we did have to sideline a few models to get a drink.

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