Fashion weak?


Are you already feeling on the fringe of the upcoming Paris fashion week? Can’t get the invite to your favorite show… don’t know where to spot your favorite designer…. it’s enough to make any fashion whore go to church for one hail Mary!

Don’t worry, mes petites, skip the trip to Notre Dame.

Aside from continuously checking back here, these are the keys to keeping up with fashion week:

see the schedule and plan your day accordingly

– reserve now for dinner in any of the hip restaurants, make it for no earlier than 10pm (Costes, Mathis, Caviar Kaspia, Fontaine de Mars…)

- Café Beaubourg and Café Marly (though we are sick of their menus) are two of the best places for those looking to mingle with the uber-chic; just get a coffee and chill

- Don’t miss brunch (reserve!). Cheaper spots like Joe Allen’s (metro: Etienne Marcel) are favorites of designers like Marc Jacobs, as are Hotel Amour and Rose’s Bakery up near Pigalle. On the pricier side, the new brunch at the Ritz is going to be a big draw– it is served outside next to the new mini-golf course in one of the hotel’s interior courtyards.

- And for the best recap: Fashion queen and society lady Susan Tabak does an excellent review of all the hot shows and parties, at

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4 thoughts on “Fashion weak?

  1. so are you going to anything? Can I go with you? What about the stuff at the Louvre- or near the Louvre.. is anything open to the public? Or the fashion loving public who promise to dress nicely?

  2. petitebrigitte says:

    I’ll be at a few shows, but all by the grace of my editor for a magazine I work for…. that means just one ticket! :(


    – Lie Sang Bon
    – Gaspard Yurkievich
    – Dior
    – Junko Shimada

    . . . and potentially more!

    Check back for details!

    bisous, pb

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