Tom Ford disses Paris

He was once the eternal crush of Petite Brigitte. NO LONGER!

Tom Ford, former Gucci designer-turned-independant fashion tycoon, lashed out on the Paris fashion world during London’s fashion week. According to Susie Rushton of the British newspaper, The Independant, TF gave this statement:

“Quite honestly in terms of French culture, if you think about what the French are producing in terms of fashion or architects or painters or musicians, they are quite far behind what the British are producing, and yet when you think of fashion, you think of Paris,” said Ford, who was in the capital to judge the Fashion Fringe award held in Covent Garden, central London.

Ford described Paris fashion week, which is home to the likes of Christian Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton as “a global showcase – but it isn’t necessarily where talent is coming from. When you think of Paris you think of Karl Lagerfeld who is not French, and you think of Marc Jacobs who’s not French and Stefano Pilati who’s Italian.”

Well Tom, looks like you missed the mark this time. Paris fashion week isn’t about the nationality, it is about the place and the aspiration. And in PetiteB’s opinion, the great talent is still here, even if Anna Wintour chose London fashion week over Paris this year! So stick to your overpowering perfume line and pornographic photo campaign (see and stop being bitter to the hand that fed you for so long. You might know how to create a perfume that smells like cocaine, but your philosophizing should stop there!

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