Balmain, the Princess, and a new twist on Paris Fashion Week

Merci Papa!

It seems that money can buy just about anything… including your way into Paris fashion week.

For the first time ever in the history of Paris pret-a-porter, a non-member of the Federation Francaise will present a collection this fall. And who might be the odd entry… ? None other than Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana.

The 20-year-old Thai princess, who seems to have a panel of designers at her disposal, will show 39 semi-couture pieces on September 29 at the Opera Garnier. Titled “Presence of the Past” and sponsored by the House of Balmain, the collection is a modern interpretation of traditional Thai design.

”I hope that the collection will open the doors for other Thai designers, too. It’s an opportunity to reveal to the world the skills of our fashion personnel as well as high-quality and exquisite materials that may be rare to foreigners,” says the Princess.

Will the fashion world come out to support this new entry? Or are we in for yet another royal blunder…

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16 thoughts on “Balmain, the Princess, and a new twist on Paris Fashion Week

  1. rota says:

    I already watched the paris fashion week from the news. it very nice collection. She loves to be designer and she did all good. I am very proud of her and Thailand.

    I love King Bhumibol and I still love Thailand even I am not there.

  2. Nattapicha Hutananda says:

    Just take time :)
    It doesn’t matter she will be queen or princess or side street peoples…but it depends with her persevere and puriness heart, Otherwise we should give her the chance and time to prove it.

  3. JV. says:

    No matter that she is princess or an ordinary, the collection has proof that she is talented. This collection is truly inspiring yet sophisticated. I do agree with those who said that ‘if she can make Balmin interested, she must be something”.
    The princess, you now have one more fan.

  4. Justine says:

    The writer of this article is just narrow minded.

    I saw her collection on TV and thought it was fabulous. She’s an asset of the fashion world.

  5. Justme says:

    In 2004, the Princess had met Giorgio Armani in Milan, Italy. From seeing her dress designs, he pointed that she had all the potentials to become a professional designer and that Thai silk should have a place in fashion world.

  6. petitebrigitte says:

    wow. Enjoying all of the comments, thanks for your contribution! And please note… I am not criticizing the Princess. Simply keeping the debate open.

    My personal opinion is that I don’t really have one. I didn’t see the show. The fact that her collection was barely reviewed is perhaps indicative that the fashion editors find her too young and out of her league. Maybe because she hasn’t been to design school and hasn’t gained enough international following for a big lavish gala in Paris.

    And wow, Armani said that when she was 17 years old? Interesting. Too bad he wasn’t at the show.

    Also as a side note: the Princess showed her own label, which was aided by the house of Balmain. She is not the designer for Balmain, but is good friend’s with him: Christophe Decarnin.

  7. OpenEyesOpenMind says:

    What silliness believing that she is a designer. If you read the published news (meaning the real news, not the spin that is published in Thailand) all she did was “sign” the collection. That means she had real designers who did all the work. At most all she did was select which garments would go into the show. Even then she had a phalanx of advisors suggesting to her which of the garments were suitable for the show. All that Thai taxpayers’ money spent on indulging the whims of a rich young girl could have been spent on something useful like modern textbooks for schoolchildren in the North-East of Thailand.

  8. Nattapicha Hutananda says:

    buy fashion designer cloth rather than buy Nucleur or any weapon or drugs…I believe that she open the ‘gate’ for Thailand…put our fashion market into the World…the modern textbooks,school or the otherthings is the Government work…wat did u expect from 20 yrs. old girl?
    by the way, atleast we’re proud to have a lovely,cute princess like her…

    Thailand have an own unique style..traditional and cultural for more 2000 years ago…but we’re always hiding like a forbidden fruits cause we don’t need to pretend or show-off…

    peoples should interesting her work as much as Thai peoples buy lots of Italy,France’s couture with high volume in Thailand for year…as you can saw in Siam Paragon, Emporium, Bangkok Peninsula, Gay sorn plaza etc., lots of LV. Chanel Dior and lots of shop overthere..

    this’s just some signal sending to the World that Thailand is not ordinary land…

    If we can buy Man city..we need to buy catwalk too.

  9. Marc says:

    Keep in mind that Queen Sirikit is a customer almost her whole life at Balmain and thats why she been invited.

    Keep in mind that she is a royal. That means you can not critize her, even her teacher, if u dont want to be in prision.

    She was in Paris cos she is Princess and not cos she is awesome.

    Money can buy everything and she is a member of one of the richest royal families. But money can not buy talent.

    She was b4 in Badmintion team of Thailand cos she is Princess or was she really that good?

    What comes next? Singer? Formula 1?

    Thai news will never dare to write the truth cos they dont want to be on court

    I bet the daughter of Than Swe can be a good designer too (similar background)

  10. my name is olivia balmain and i happen to be a direct decendant of pierre balmain and a fellow designer myself, and i really do not appreciate when people say that the princess is the designer when all she does is buy clothes from the house of balmain. so what she signed a form for the clothes… who cares? she didnt design them and she very surely didnt sew them up. shes just a rich celebrity who wants more fame and more credit than she deserves.

  11. Thai-desinger-student says:

    I feel ashamed after watching her collection. Not that i dont like her personally but the debut in paris fashion week. What was she thinking? I mean if u wanna make Thai fashion go further come back and start in Thailand. People here still wearing 199 baht clothes and everybody wears eactly the same thing in Siam Square. All the high street brand here are still to0 expensive for normal people to afford. We dont even have a real fashion culture here yet. and another thing is no one would be able to judge or criticize her work in Thailand. Even The Fashion Focus Show in Thailand that each week criticize collection of thai designer, this week he shows her collection and decided to speak no words! ……..

    and this is what happened when a princess go to fashion week in paris with only a few collection she experience. Bad response and what …. losing face to the world AGAIN! ( After the first time at the opening night of Bangkok fashion city that lost money over 10 mil for nothing)

    ps. i like the princess please dont put me to jail after reading my comment! mr policeman!

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