Kate Moss hits Colette again!


Ah, there is a God.
No sooner had I lazily strolled into Colette this morning did the sales clerk start unpacking the boxes of new Kate Moss for TopShop Autumn/Winter 07!

Stunned by this fateful encounter, I was all over the collection before it hit the rack (no time for the usual decorum reserved for Collette). The sales clerk shot me evil eyes as I tossed my bags to the ground and proceeded to try on a sexy biker jacket– hey, I was IN Topshop London for the first collection debut, and I knew full well the frenzy that was about to break out in Colette!

The collection bears many marks of the first one; tank tops, skinny jeans, and the one-shoulder dress (this time in green). It also keeps the flower motif, but this time in a more flowy chiffon peasant top. The edgy studded biker jackets are going to be the first to go; for 178 euros you can’t beat their flattering cropped shape, 3/4 length sleeves, and pyramid grommets.

Get there fast, the best of this collection will be gone by tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Kate Moss hits Colette again!

  1. petitebrigitte says:

    Surprisingly low key debut, I agree! After returning at closing today, there were still quite a few items left, though most of the biker jackets were gone… as predicted!

    I’m a lover of a hot “blouson noir,” especially one that is reminiscent of the current Hermes version (retailing at 5,000 euros). So I bought that! :)

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