Gwen Stefani: Queen of Ska


Gwen Stefani plays at Bercy on September 17th.
Gwen will arrive from Germany as part of her Sweet Escape world tour. This hasn’t been the easiest tour for the successful queen of Ska– one of her sponsors, Verizon, pulled out its support during a spell of bad publicity for her collaborator, Akon.

The show is sure to be a crowd pleaser, however, as the energetic diva takes the stage with her usual professional tenacity.  The album has been a big hit, gaining recognition at the MTV Music Awards, and featuring a number of artists like Damian Marley and Akon.

Ever the renaissance woman, this album is the first for Gwen after the birth of her son, Kingston, in 2006. She still designs a successful pret-a-porter collection out of NYC, called L.A.M.B., which launched its first perfume this season.

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2 thoughts on “Gwen Stefani: Queen of Ska

  1. papa_rod says:

    She can’t touch or even come close to Mylene! I wonder why so many of these chanteuses resort to looking like a prostitute to sell their music. I believe I will stick with Charlotte.

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