Bumping into Rodders at Le 66


I knew that rugby fever had hit Paris. I just didn’t know how hard!

Speaking of hard, Rodney So’oialo (aka Rodders) is 110 kg of pure muscle. I know because I bumped into him yesterday while covering the new opening of Le 66. He was buying one of those new edition Puma wooden belts, I was looking at shoes, and the massive New Zealander was hard to miss. His calves are larger than my waist.

Rodders was there with another New Zealand teammate, and they both autographed the shoe display at Le 66 and promised to bring the rest of the team back. Le 66 is a fabulous new clothing/concept store located at 66 Champs-Elysees.

As one of the most recognizable rugby players in the world,  you are sure to hear more about Rodders in the next few weeks. The All Blacks play Italy tomorrow in Marseille.

photo courtesy of allblacks.com

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