George Clooney’s new girl


Sarah Larson accompanied George Clooney throughout his recent appearances in Venice and Deauville.

But is she taking this most eligible bachelor off the market anytime soon? Petite Brigitte sees no immediate cause for panic.

The pretty brunette is 28 years old and a self-proclaimed actress/model. Unfortunately, we can find no record of her past work, neither an agency or on iMBD. The only info available appears to be her appearance on Fear Factor, where her profession is listed as a “go-go dancer.” Hmm…

Her body language in recent photos also suggests she is no threat. See the way she keeps her eyes open when being kissed? Obvious fame whore. Nope, she’s just arm candy for his summer promotions.

So go-go George but don’t forget to make a Petite stop in Paris before you leave the country! Je t’attends!

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2 thoughts on “George Clooney’s new girl

  1. senorita d says:

    Sarah Larson needs to step off!! From the Facts of Life days, to ER, to Ocean’s 11-13, to now, George always was, and always will be, MINE!

    Hey, a girl’s gotta dream, right? :))

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