Ghetto Chic @ Plaza Athenée


On a velib’ outing this afternoon along Avenue Montaigne, PetiteBrigitte’s fragile Parisian sensibilities were shattered by what looked like the Dubai version of Pimp My Ride outside the Plaza Athenée.

Front and center was the elusive Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (above). Currently the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive street-legal car in the world, it is currently in the hands of a rather large Arab man, who paid no less than 1.2 million USD for this ostentatious ride.

While the hotel seemed to welcome the Bugatti, it parked the electric blue Maybach and the magenta Mercedes S-Class as far to the side as possible. Hideous!!



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2 thoughts on “Ghetto Chic @ Plaza Athenée

  1. I just can’t believe the horrror of the colors !!

    The Bugatti is probably the property of someone with a good taste.
    And the Mercedes – still the property of mercedes – and doing a little (& very visible ) publicity !

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