Cheap & Chic Vintage


I’m sure you are familiar with Free P Star… the little vintage shop on Rue Saint Croix de la Bretonnerie in the Marais (across from Amorino). But have you noticed the sister store on the other side of BHV on Rue de la Verrerie– Fripes Star?!It’s huge, cheap, and you can actually move around!

You’ll find a vast selection of vintage dresses for 10-20 euros, handbags, shoes, and leather jackets. Old army jackets and uniforms. Some of the best buys are 80’s style dresses and fabulous vintage belts! While the big designer labels are scarce, the clothes are too vintageworthy to pass up. You’ll think twice before going back to Come on Eileen!

The name outside the store is “Fripes Star“. Address to follow soon. Across from MegaSun on Rue de la Verrerie. :)

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