Well hello Sarko


Sarko let his affectionate side come out this week when he smacked a kiss on Barbra Streisand.

In Paris to receive the Legion D’Honneur along with Julio Inglesias, Barbra was accompanied by husband James Brolin, and son Jason Gould.

Do they just give the Legion to anyone? I mean, Barbra had never sung a concert in France until last week!!

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One thought on “Well hello Sarko

  1. They give the Legion d’Honneur even to people living in Rochester, New York. I know at least one person who never stopped by to pick up his medal (and he’s French and living in Paris). I think they gave a Legion d’Honneur to Josephine Baker as well, but that didn’t stop her from getting evicted from her chateau, nor did her participation in the French Resistance movement.

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