Kylie back to see her French lover?


Kylie Minogue was around town today… shopping at Colette and walking Sheba… the dog she shared with Olivier Martinez before their unfortunate break-up. Could this mean she is still shagging the YSL hunk? Lets hope so: why let a good French lover go? I mean, did you even watch him in Unfaithful?!

Regardless, Kylie’s success in both career and life are unquestionable these days: she has just been selected as the first female recipient of the Music Industry Trust Award– a highly prestigious honor recognizing her contribution to the British music industry.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of her first single “Loco-Motion,” Kylie is throwing down over a million euros for a huge bash in London this summer which will include close friends, celebrities and musicians. She is shopping for venues this month, and the date is set for early August.

It looks like a busy summer for the pint-sized diva, who releases a new album in December… to be followed by a world tour in 2008. Can we say… workaholic?

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2 thoughts on “Kylie back to see her French lover?

  1. Maicen says:

    She was there to see the doctors for cancer check up.Olivier has been with Goya Toledo for almost 6 months now.Doubt very much he is keen to “do” his ex again….. except let her take dog out for her PR pap shoots.She was only there fro 2 days and got back to London yesterday

    She got a music award but neither write music, plays instruments , or even writes her own airhead lyrics, nor can put an album together without 15 collaborations.Some award.. it is post cancer sympathy that she has not earned in “music” that is for sure.

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