Goodbye Gianfranco


Italian designer Gianfranco Ferre died Sunday night in Milan of a brain hemorrage. He was 62.

Ferre, known as the “architect of fashion” for his structured shapes, lept to the world fashion scene in 1989 when Bernard Arnault tapped him as top designer for Christian Dior. He remained in that position until 1996.

Condolences have poured in today from leading designers, just as the men’s fashion week in Milan sets to kick off this week.

“When I think of Gianfranco Ferre, the idea that comes immediately to mind is the dignity, the calm, the sense of responsibility that he brought to his work,” Armani said, according to the ANSA news agency.

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One thought on “Goodbye Gianfranco

  1. ladyjicky says:

    I thought he was alot older than 62 – thats very young. So sad. When I think of ferre I think of Sophia Loren. She wore some of his designs.

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