Mystery Solved

We were wondering why you had left us all alone and gotten so quiet on the comments boards…

Until we realized the option had been switched off! Oops. Petite B is open to your comments once again! Just click the link below the articles.

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5 thoughts on “Mystery Solved

  1. thank you! p.s. I am not going to shut off my Free just yet.. the wifi is limited to 7am through 11pm.. and you have to be near those specific bibliotheques and jardins.. but still.. very cool!

  2. I was wondering why it wasn’t letting me comment!

    RE: Agent Provocateur – last year the girlies in there were ever so helpful and gave me a few freebies with my purchase. I regard AP as honorarily French!

    Re: Le Fumoir – I have heard many good things about the mojitos there.

    Re: Archives de la Presse – I haven’t been there yet but I just know it’s going to be one of my favourite shops ever. I’m coming to Paris in September and hope I’ll be able to get hold of the December 2004 issue of Vogue with Sofia Coppola as editor.

  3. J says:

    Mystery half solved PetiteB… Except for this post, it still does not work: comments are not allowed on the older posts.
    Are you sure it is not a per-post option to be set?

    Anyway, I do share your view on Agent Provocateur: I must say I entered this shop by chance in Heathrow airport about a year ago and was so seduced that I bought a couple of nice sexy panties for my girlfriend. She loves them… and so do I!

    This reminds me that I can’t wait seeing you in a Romper. Or do you prefer the AP swimming suit? Sounds really terrifics, but I know you always exagerate a little in your posts ;o)

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