Indian Playboy rocks the Monaco Prix


(Yacht featured in background of photo, taken from 2007 Kingfisher calendar)

Kingfisher mogul/playboy Vijay Mallya, aka the King of Good Times, threw the biggest bash of the Monaco Grand Prix on board his superyacht Indian Empress. Don’t think his wife was there.

Mallya, who is known for his overly glamorous lifestyle, organized the party on the 95m yacht, currently said to be the 5th largest in the world.

The guest list included Bernie Ecclestone, Tadashi Yamashina, Flavio Briatore, and Jay Z. Early arrivals scarcely had time to catch their breath and grab some champagne before a troop of Indian ballerinas and dancers, Lina Dance, stormed the room to perform a routine worthy of any Bollywood movie. Shortly after, DJ Aqueel and his colleagues began to spin their records as guests hit the dance floor.

Looks like our favorite old dirty playboy, Flavio Briatore, might have danced too hard: he was the one casualty of the evening after stepping on a piece of glass.

The yacht boasted an open air jacuzzi, free-flowing bars, and luxurious loos. Good thing the 16 cabins were locked, or there would have been many stowaways! Then again, with a dude like this at the helm, better think twice:


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