Bollinger unveils new Calorific Champagne


This week Bollinger, my new favorite French champagne house, will break with decades of tradition and launch a no-sugar-added champagne targeted to ladies. Get out your shopping list: it’s called Ayala Cuvée Rosé Nature.

Now there’s no excuse, so drink up! A flute of this champagne will add a mere 65 calories to your diet, instead of the normal 89. Bollinger says the taste is very comparable to the real stuff, and provides the same alcohol content. So we can stay skinny AND get drunk.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s how it works:

Around three level teaspoons of liquefied sugar – called the dosage – is normally added to most champagnes at the last moment before bottling to balance the flavour and make it more palatable.

Bollinger leaves the dose of sugar out.

Elizabeth Ferguson, a spokeswoman for Ayala, said: “This is basically a testament to the quality of the perfectly ripe fruit. The dosage is put in to cover up any faults with a champagne– but we are using the best possible fruit which is why we are not having to do it.”

Brilliant timing. Now we can look like her for bikini season!

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