Chris Cornell rocks Showcase


With a voice that defies 42 years of hard living, Chris Cornell killed it on Tuesday night at Showcase. It was a solid performance!

Playing to a sold-out crowd, the former lead singer of such bands as Soundgarden and Audioslave entertained the crowd with a culmination of songs spanning his colorful career. Backed up by his new musicians (who look very young and thrilled to be working), Chris even revealed some new songs he’s been working on… one of which was downright mushy. Of course, his wife and two children looked on with adoration from their perch in the VIP.

Unfortunately, the band didn’t stick around for the after-party at Chris’ club, Black Calvados. They ate dinner in the upstairs restaurant, and then hit the bus for an overnight haul to London. Chris says he will return to Paris to close out the tour.

For those of you not familiar with Chris, get with it. He did the theme song to James Bond: Casino Royale. Plus, the guy is downright hot. With looks that could make him Brad Pitt’s brother, and one of the sexiest voices in the industry, it was all I could do not to toss my brassiere on stage. Take me! Take me now!

Yours truly,

the homewrecker.

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