Orgasmic Vintage at Come on Eileen


I am assuming you are seated. If not, and you are reading this on your blackberry while standing up in a metro, grab hold of something!

PetiteBrigitte, shopping victime extraordinaire, has decided to reveal one of the best kept secrets in Parisian shopping. With this knowledge, you will never think of clothes the same way again. Your wardrobe will be revamped to put Kate Moss to shame. And you— you will be catching the eye of many a fashion editor on your walks through Paris.

Three words: COME ON EILEEN.

To fashion aficionados, this musty vintage boutique in the heart of the Bastille is Ali Baba’s treasure. There is not a better selection of affordable vintage designer clothes IN THE WORLD.

After being alerted by a 14-year-old girlfriend who lives in the neighborhood, I made my way to Rue Taillandiers and entered the inconspicuous storefront at Come On Eileen. It didn’t take me long to realize I would be staying for at least 2 hours. I was the only person in there and thank god for it, because I went a little crazy. I have not been this excited over clothes since Elton John’s closet went on sale last year in New York City.

So flabbergasted was I by the collection of exquisite vintage that I almost screamed with joy. I dropped my purse with the cashier, took off my shirt (yes, I was running around in a bra), and launched an assault on three floors of clothes you will never find again. Oh how my stylist friends in New York and LA will be jealous!

Lanvin, Chanel, Courreges, YSL, Leonard, Cardin, Hermes, Dior, Mugler. And at prices that you just couldn’t say no to. All sizes, all good condition, and full of magnificent collectors pieces. The question that kept running through my head was: What genius owns this place, and where does he find these pieces?

I struck up a conversation with Max, the shopkeeper. He tells me a long list of celebrities who visit the store, including well known men who come for the funky suits. It turns out that Max is best friend’s with the owner, and after some prodding, I got the scoop on the mystery man:

The owner is a 38 year-old Israeli, who after a hard-partying youth in Europe, moved to the countryside of Israel and had 6 kids and 10 sheep. He spends the year travelling the world collecting clothes, storing them in his warehouse outside of Paris, and then selling them in the boutique or in markets (yes, markets: marche de montreuil). How exactly he sources the clothes is still a mystery, and Max said he was not at liberty to reveal the secret. My guess is either he has an exceptional network of global contacts, he is part of a clothes mafia that sells off clothes when they rob homes, or he has access to the closets of old Saudi brothels.

“If you hold up any piece of clothing in front of him, he will immediately know the label, the designer, and the year it was produced,” says Max. “He has always had a love for clothes.”

I was so fascinated I immediately asked for a job. I’ll work for free (or for clothes). As it was, I left with a Valentino jacket, a Lanvin clutch, a Bardotesque red sundress, and an Hermes shirt. All for under 130 euros.

Come on Eileen

16/18 rue des taillandiers 75011

monday-friday 11am to 8:30pm

sunday 2pm to 8pm

metro: bastille

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