I smell a French Lover

… and he is not in bed with me.


An exquisite new fragrance from Editions de Parfums (Frederic Malle) will hit Parisian stores this April. The new scent, designed by famous “nose” Pierre Bourdon, is called French Lover. One sniff and you will understand why.

The release party for members of the press was held during the first week of April, at Malle’s store on Rue de Grenelle. It was there that I began lusting for French Lover.

Being the acclaimed connoisseur of perfumes that I am, this is how I would describe the scent: “Androgynous in its lack of floral notes– which suggests this is not a flirty perfume– the seduction has already taken place. Now, it is the morning after. The scent of the Veuve Clicquot you poured on your lover’s body lingers in the high thread count sheets… Next to the bed, an open window blows in a woodsy breeze that caresses your sleeping lover and mingles with the faint scent of his designer shampoo.”

All this in a bottle!

French Lover is super-sexy, perfect for summer, and also very unisex, which is a growing trend in the perfume industry, as women’s preferences are migrating towards more fresh/woodsy scents– evident in the resurgence of old perfumes like Guerlain’s Vetiver. Let’s face it: we’re tired of the complicated overpowering florals and cherry vanilla blossoms. French Lover is ‘layed’-back coolness and just a tad naughty. Love it.

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