Sciences Po vandalized by Spraypainters

“Manu militari!” Use your hands and Masturbate, says LePen.


Vandals spray painted both sides of the entrance to Sciences Po on Rue de L’Universite Friday night, defacing one of the most elitist institutions in the French education system.

The two poorly written phrases denounce fascism and make references to LePen. They are likely the backlash from Thursday’s forum at the school, which hosted the polarizing politician Jean Marie Le Pen. It seems the visit was less than pleasant for all parties involved.

The 78-year-old former paratrooper and National Front leader faced protests and heckling on his arrival at the event at Sciences Po. After telling the audience that women faced a “social handicap”, he responded to boos by shouting: “Bunch of imbeciles!”

Asked at the debate whether condoms should be distributed in high schools, he resorted to a language we all understand, Latin, to suggest that horny teenagers might take the problem into their own hands. He advised “those worked up” to resort to “manu militari”.

Thanks for the tip. We hadn’t thought of that.

Unfortunately, students have used their hands for other purposes tonight. The spray painting is large and unmistakeable on the limestone facade of the school. It is unclear if the attack was directed at LePen, or the school who organized the debate. Since 2001, Sciences Po has implemented a number of reform policies, including broadening its admissions to include more youths from economically depressed suburbs of Paris. The reforms are intended to expand the socioeconomic mix at the school, but have not gone without controversy. They are the first affirmative action initiatives in France.

Someone clean up that spray paint fast! I want my beautiful neighborhood back.

One would think Sciences Po students, if they were responsible for this act, would be smart enough to find better ways to protest (start a blog people!). Perhaps LePen was right, and they are in fact “imbeciles”….. :)

 Update: Sciences Po is grafitti free as of April 11, after an afternoon powerwash. An impressively fast clean-up: may the sheltered bubble of the 7th arrondisement live on!

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