2 weeks to get in shape


My friends have a hard time getting to Paris to visit me, but several of them have just phoned in to let me know they are coming to Paris for another reason:

The Marathon de Paris!!

Everyone from LA fashionistas to Austrailian aborigines will be running themselves crazy on the April 15th race. With over 30,000 runners, and twice that number in spectators, the Marathon will be impossible to miss as it runs through the center of Paris. Needless to say, PetiteBrigitte will be a spectator in this event.

Music groups, pasta parties, and free give-a-ways will also mark the day. As will 30,000 “sponge stations” to cool off the runners. Hmm…. should PetiteB organize a sponge station on the Left Bank? Sounds kinky. ;)

9 main refreshment stands will keep runners energized. These will consist of:

  • a lot of bananas: 8 500 kg on the route + 30 000 bananas in the finish area,
  • 14 250 kg of oranges on the route + 30 000 oranges in the finish area,
  • 400 000 bottles of water,
  • 12 000 liters of Energy drink Powerade Aqua + at km 10, 20, 25, 30 and 35
  • 2 000 kg of dried fruit,
  • 2 000 kg of sugar (cubes). how sweet.

If you are up for the challenge, you have two weeks to train! Tips and all other information, including the specific times you can expect a deluge of sweaty runners in your neighborhood, can be found at www.parismarathon.com

Bon courage!

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