Les Chandelles: Lingerie & Libertinism in Paris


Sometimes investing in lingerie seems so impractical when it never makes it out of the bedroom, doesn’t it?

So now that you have taken my advice in past posts and bought all of this matching lingerie, where can it get the most use?

Oh, the things Paris will do to a girl’s morals!

If you and your man are open to new and exciting things (as you should be in Paris!), let yourself be seduced by the candlelit ambiance of Les Chandelles. A few glasses of champagne, a look around at the beautiful clientele, and you might just find yourself playing the libertine for a night.

Les Chandelles is a naughty little secret that few in Parisian society will admit to knowing. Located in the 1st arrondisement, it is the most VIP swingers club in Paris– only the sexy need attend. But don’t worry ladies, this place is not a hedonistic realm of male-oriented pleasure. On the contrary, clientele attest to the fact that women are the queens of the night and that most of the liaisons transpire out of female seduction.

There is no doubt that a woman was behind the creation of this sexy little joint. Madame Valerie is the femme fatale mastermind of Les Chandelles, and will give you advice on everything from the best lingerie to wear, to a sexy reading list. Here is a lady who knows the rules of seduction!

Thanks to a strict dress code, no amount of cash or princely titles will get you in. The uber-selection makes the evening most enjoyable, as it weeds out any ODM (old dirty men) at the door (Ok… a few still get through). In fact, men can’t get in at all without a hot woman by their side.

Don’t be intimidated by the classification as a swinger’s club either: it isn’t strictly about sex. In fact, many couples just go for a drink and a look around. Some women will lounge around in their much coveted La Perla lingerie. No matter what the order of the night, be assured that Les Chandelles is as formal and discreet as it is alluring.

Note: We know none of PetiteBrigitte’s readers would EVER think about wearing pants to such an establishment. This is strictly a club for your sexiest black dress, best lingerie, and Stella McCartney skyhigh heels.

Do consult the website for a run down of guidelines (no whips or dog collars please) and for what your man must wear. Also has a wonderful list of lingerie shops. For the truly adventurous female, you can go alone on Monday nights! (they don’t call it menage-a-trois for nothing!)

Les Chandelles

1, rue Thérèse
Paris 75001
(33) 01 42 60 43 31

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10 thoughts on “Les Chandelles: Lingerie & Libertinism in Paris

  1. gary & Louise says:

    Dear Les Chandelles,
    We are in Paris 21/04 and would love to attend your sexy club. Louise is a sexy femme fatalle. We feel we are more than suitable for your strict entry.
    Please email back to confirm entry.
    Many thanks.

  2. jacob126 says:

    Hi brigitte, Great post.
    How sexy does should a lady dress to get in?
    Any tips? short or long dress? What color?
    Do people wear lingerie if so do they arrive in them or change inside?

    • petitebrigitte says:

      Well, you are in Paris. Not Miami, not Rio. So showing up to the door in stripper heels and a neon bodysuit is not advisable.

      Recommended attire: sexy flattering dress in muted colors, your best lingerie underneath, and some chic heels– this is the place for those Louboutin’s to debut.

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