The Credit Card Countess: how you can become a noble


Put not your trust in princes!

Stop looking for Prince Charming when you can become a Princess in under a week. Buying a royal title has never been easier, or more desperate. It is a sad commentary on our society that websites now sell titles to the socially impaired, promising things such as (and I quote, from

  • Increased respect from the people you know
  • VIP treatment
  • Access to the privileged world
  • A instant talking point with your friends
  • Prestige in the financial world
  • A boost to your personal confidence
  • Opportunities that otherwise would’ve passed you by
  • Opened doors in your career
  • Discounts in the consumer world
  • The ability to influence people effortlessly

Of course, it is hard to believe that having a purchased title would garner this kind of treatment from anyone except the most naive commoner. But amazingly, PetiteBrigitte has witnessed fake princes dining with the real ones (in Monaco, of course), and bedding women right and left without as much as a chateau to back up his bloodline!

Check out for the most hilariously desperate site in all of Christendom. After explaining the process of acquiring a title, the costs involved (around $400), and how to get the title legally inserted into your official documents, the site backs up its motives with arguments like:

“It’s frightening how people in the twenty-first century still perceive a person with a title to be richer, more intelligent and better thought of, than the average Mr. Joe Bloggs. But people do – and you can take advantage of it.”

Dear Lord. Buy your title today, and receive the free book, “Getting Started with your Title.” You can have your choice between:

  • a Lord or Lady
  • a Baron or Baroness
  • a Count or Countess
  • a Marquis or Marchioness
  • a Duke or Duchess
  • a Viscount or Viscountess
  • a Earl or Sir

I’m sure Prince von Hannover will never notice!

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One thought on “The Credit Card Countess: how you can become a noble

  1. ansui says:

    If there ever was a tacky thing, it would have to be fake nobility. Brrr…make a reputation through who you really are instead.

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