Charlotte Casiraghi: A young Brigitte Bardot, says Karl


Is CC really like a young BB? Monsieur Lagerfeld would seem to think so, and that was when she was a mere eight-years old! Read on for an interesting vignette on our darling CC, by Rob Sheffield, for Rolling Stone Magazine.


Charlotte Casiraghi is the stuff that Eurotrash perv dreams are made of, a royal princess who looks like she just wandered into the palace from a Robert Palmer video. The nineteen-year-old beauty is fourth in line to the throne of Monaco, daughter of Princess Caroline and her coolest husband ever, the late Italian speedboat racer Stefano Casiraghi. She’s the hottest teen star in Europe, kind of like Tatu, except there’s only one of her and she hasn’t made any lesbian disco videos yet. She inspires countless online fan shrines, including some of the most laughably bad fan porn fiction ever written. [This is an unmistakable reference to the Charlotte Casiraghi Uncensored Yahoo! Group.] For her fifth birthday, she got a $9 million island off the coast of Sardinia. [Here is an interesting increase by two digits of the island’s previously-reported value.] When Princess Caroline was Charlotte’s age, she was already a disco-till-dawn playgirl, motoring toward a scandalous early marriage and a decadent public image. But like her grandmother Grace Kelly, Charlotte keeps her freak to herself. She’s a fashion icon (Karl Lagerfeld once said, “She makes me think of Brigitte Bardot”), a pianist, an accomplished equestrienne. She shows no signs of having her mama’s wild side. Not yet, anyway. But she’s clearly a ticking time bomb. This girl just needs a saucy American to bring out the nasty in her – the poor thing has probably never tasted her first Dorito. She’s been living in her white-plate world as long as anyone with hot blood can. And now? She’s looking for a downtown man! Yeah, well, dream on, buster. Charlotte sometimes? Charlotte always!


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