Lou Doillon still an it-girl


I won’t lie. She scares me.

However, it seems everyone and their little dog is interested in Lou Doillon, perhaps more for her heritage and it-girl status than for any of her acting repertoire, at least for us non-Frenchies. She’s been a media darling for some time now, but this year her star seems to be rising at a record pace.

We still can’t mention her without the requisite “daughter of Jane Birkin” tag (as if it weren’t obvious in the photo above!), even though her mother has been more low-profile recently. Jane is currently travelling France in her running performance of Electra.

Lou was born in Paris in 1982, and as to be expected coming from Jane and partner/director Jacques Doillon, she endured a somewhat hippyish upbringing that got her caught in sex, drugs, and multiple piercings by the time she was 14.

“I was such a tomboy,” says Lou. “I had absolutely no bosoms, and I wore my hair really short–shaved, like a boy. My father was pissed that people would go on saying. ‘God, Lou’s got beautiful hair.’ So he shaved it all off and said, ‘Now they’ll say she has a beautiful face.’ It was a nice act, really, but also quite shocking.”

At 15, her father cast her in “Too Much (Little) Love” as a last-ditch effort to calm her down and give her direction. According to Lou, it worked, and she has been hooked on acting ever since. That’s not to say she has lost her wild ways or spontaneity completely.

In 2002 she gave birth to a son, named Marlo Tiger.

Lou recently finished a film entitled “Sisters,” written and directed by Douglas Buck, co-starring Chloé Sévigny and Stephen Rea. It is the remake of “The Two Sisters”, directed by Brian de Palma in 1973. She will soon appear in Boxes , the story of a family, directed by her mother Jane Birkin and starring Geraldine Chaplin, John Hurt, and Natacha Régnier.

You can also check her out in the 2007 Pirelli Calendar.

UPDATE: Lou is currently performing in a series of readings called Lettres Intimes at Theatre de la Madeleine, through June 1. Tickets 20 euros through FNAC.

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