Best Spas in France

georgev.jpg georgev2.jpg

It’s time to start thinking about Bikini Season.

OK, OK… so between the croissants and Camembert, we probably aren’t going to slim down too much here in Paris.  Which is fine because the aerobiphobic French have found the solution, and it isn’t just that Slimming cream advertised in your local pharmacie.

March is the perfect month to visit one of the many French spas. It’s just the end of low season, but look at the weather! Gorgeous! And all of these spas have special promotions and packages so you can indulge and detox without going broke. Whether for one day or one week, a spa experience may be just what you need for the added glow and boost of confidence when you hit St. Trop.

1. Four Seasons George V (shown above)

2. Ritz Paris

3. Royal Park Evian

4. Les Source de Caudalie

5. Le Mas Candille

6. Les Fermes de Marie

7. Arc House (best value)

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