American culture corrupting French girls

French girls have more sexual partners than ever before, and America is to blame.

So says the majority of French papers today, after a study on French sexuality was released this week.

According to the study, French women admit to just under 6 sexual partners, which is an increase of 4 compared to the 70’s. French men claim to have had 12 partners. In addition, French girls are losing their virginity at age 16, which is 3 years earlier than last reported.
Why are French girls becoming more libertine? Some papers blame the proliferation of trashy American culture, the Carrie Bradshaw syndrome, and the influence of Hollywood whores stars.

Since when did PetiteBrigitte’s number of lovers get counted in national surveys? :)


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13 thoughts on “American culture corrupting French girls

  1. bawhitan says:

    What a tragedy that the sleaze of America would have this effect on France. I so long for the days when movies were sophisticated and everyone who saw them strove to be educated, charming, and urbane, not to mention the clothes. Instead we now suffer those bottom feeders in the US who can’t tell the difference between pornography and photography. A sad commentary on our times. This, the view of one with extremely liberal persuasions.

  2. Melissa Younger says:

    You should not lump all Americans into a single category and make such a grand assumption! The US is a vast country, with many different unique cultures within it. You see the US as Los Angeles or New York’s representataion of what people want to buy into. It is not at all what the normal American is like or strives to be like. Your comment is very narrow minded!

  3. Sendy says:

    In this day and age, everyone has become more desensitized to well, everything. It happens because the world cannot stay the same. The world is susceptible to change. No matter how much we want certain things to be consistent through the times, the only thing that truly is consistent, is change. Sad as it may be (and it really is quite sad) to watch new generations of kids flush traditional morals down the proverbial “drain”, get used to it. We can’t stop it. Hopefully, we’ll be good enough parents to try to help our own kids understand that there is a HUGE difference between what is glamourized in the media and real life priorty.

  4. Rypsynique says:

    Interesting comments except that just 50 years ago, people were blaming FRENCH women for the corruption of American girls. Only a moron can be corrupted by what s/he thinks people s/he doesn’t know are doing thousands of miles away.

    By the way- France fits into the US 17 times, attempting to claim that ALL French young women are acting a certain way based on what ALL American young women are doing means that you, yourself, may not be all that bright.

    What a woman decides to do with her body is her own damn business, anyway.

  5. alice says:

    Well I am french and I`m 15 and (ofcours) I have sex.We have moved to the us 6 weeks ago and everybody is so unrelaxed about sex and so on. I don`t think that there is an american influence on the french sex life. Because in fact sex is realy a part of our life and not just a way to make money or babys as it is in the us.

  6. drjonesrootbeer says:

    I would not say this is America’s fault. Yes, it is true that some television and the such are trashy in America, but even us Americans tend to think that. It would be a very broad statement to paint all Americans as trashy. There are some, but I am sure there are also some in France.

  7. Krystal says:

    As a 22 year old girl who has grown up in both Versailles and Southern California, there is no doubt in my mind that France is filled with just as much trashy entertainment and just as many sluts as the United States. If some French girls are so naive as to let some silly tv show that does not represent its home country effect them, that is on them. They have earned the blame. No one is making them do anything they don’t want to do. I don’t like what I see on tv in the US OR in France. So you know what I do about it? I TURN IT OFF. Tv everywhere is filled with crap.

    For the record, I see more nudity and trash in the entertainment industry in France than I do the US. It’s been that way as long as I can remember and according to my father who was born and raised in France… it’s been that way as long as he can remember, too.

    So cut the crap, please. This is a lie, all of it. I don’t buy it for a minute and neither does any of my French family or anyone I know in France in general.

  8. I’m an american living in paris now as an au pair, and I found this quite interesting. I wouldn’t say it’s America’s fault for young french girls losing their virginity at an early age and so on. But, living here I see what america is represented as. America to naive, young girls, is freedom (as it is to many). America is young itself (in comparison), full of brilliant minds like britney spears and keisha. Keisha especially, presents the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. Keisha is a very popular one here, along with american rap. She is sex on a stick.
    American culture is spreading everywhere at the moment, eating the past cultures like a castaway who has found a fresh baked cake washed up on the shore. It’s sad, but it’s something that is part of the world’s history. It’s a new thought, a modern thought. Sex is easier to have than building a strong relationship with a person, it’s quicker. This can be related to the facebook phenomenon. It’s much easier to befriend someone here than in real life. That’s the downfall our my, our, generation. We want everything fast, we want it now.

  9. jamesm7 says:

    First of all France can never win a war. The thinnest book in the world is a book of French war heroes. They owe us money for rebuilding their nation. So France don’t need to be looking for scapegoats.

  10. This is ridiculous. America is a very prude country, this article shows more how American culture infiltrates other cultures not by the sex statistics, but by the way we project our sex negative cultural values onto everything else.

    How about the fact that Catholicism is loosing it’s grip on French culture, and now more people are willing to admit to their amount of sexual partners? There is no doubt in my mind that the numbers are the same, or as similar, as ever. That is it only becoming less difficult for a women to admit she has lots of sex. Which is a GOOD thing.

    Seriously, what in people’s minds makes them think that women having sex often is a bad thing? If they are using protection, so be it. It’s their damn choice and we don’t have to put the blame on anyone else. It just shows how much people think that women are easily manipulated.

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