Eva Escoto makes beautiful music


Eva Escoto’s soulful jazz is one of PetiteBrigitte’s favorite new musical finds. If you haven’t seen her live, mark your calendars for her upcoming show on March 21.

Her concert this past weekend at Le Baiser (Rue des Lombards, 1er) was a beautiful melange of jazz, bossanova, and pure passion. The room was packed and the audience was loving her. Her amazing vocals and talented group of musicians were so utterly captivating that I immediately wanted to sign on as her stylist/manager. She is a beautiful girl, but must escape the drab black clothes into something more divalicious: a metallic Dolce&Gabana perhaps?

Eva was born in Honduras, raised in Spain, and is now based in Paris. Raised in a family of musicians, she spent all her childhood exposed to the tradition of Latin music, but it was not until the age of 16 that she started performing her own music with a strong tendency towards the blues. Since then she has been the lead singer in different blues and jazz projects in Spain, Costa Rica, Miami (U.S.A) and Dubai (U.A. Emirates).

In January 2006 she took off to Chile to record her first solo album, which combines beats such as Lando, Bossa, Joropo…fussed with jazz, and a touch from the musical traditions of southern Spain.

Don’t miss her March 21, at L’Alimentation Generale (64 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud, 75011) at 8am.

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