Charlotte Gainsbourg: just your normal francaise


Yes, I’m in love with Paris. Some days I walk out of my door in the mornings, and feel like I am still dreaming. Today was one of those days, but not for the ususal reasons.

Today I walked out of my door and right into Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Well, I didn’t bump her, but we did make brief eye contact. She was by herself, looking very bobo in jeans and a Zadig & Voltaire ensemble, no make-up, and her hair was long and stringy. Ah, so French. Of course, I recognized her right away– although for a brief moment her sister, Lou Doillon, came to mind because they look rather similar in the jawline.

Of course, a reminder why we love Charlotte: she is refreshingly normal, a talented singer/actress, classically French, leads a beautiful life with husband Yvan Attal and her 2 children. And oh yess, she is the daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, who romanced our heroine Brigitte Bardot. Actually, both of her parents have been naked in bed with wild Brigitte!

Update: Charlotte has just recorded an album (her 2nd, the 1st was 10 years ago (when she was 13!) and written for her by her father). The new album was recently released, and is called 5:55.  It was recorded with the lyrics of Jarvis Cocker and Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon, and the music is by Air (amazing French band, who also just released a new album, Pocket Symphony). Charlotte’s new album was produced by Nigel Godrich, who is the producer for Radiohead and Sir Paul McCartney.

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