Royal & Sarko: your friendly campaigners

serg.jpg sark1.jpg

French presidential elections are looking more and more American.

This year, the hotly covered battle between Segolene Royal (left) and Nicolas Sarkozy (right) has been the ONLY topic of conversation on French news outlets. And the election is still a long way off.

Offering a comic relief from the real issues facing France, Sarkozy and Royal’s camps are opting for more friendly “viral marketing” via the internet.

Sarkozy, the intimidating dictator representing the right, has started a website called You can watch the normally straight-laced politician dance to KC and the Sunshine Band, do the moonwalk, or jive like Travolta. Apparently the site is working, and he’s collected one million emails to bombard with campaign info.

Royal, on the other hand, has entered the online world of Second Life. Her socialist campaign has created a virtual headquarters, and gives out buttons saying “Segolene for France” to fellow avatars. Members meet there and discuss issues such as France’s place in the EU.

What’s next? A showdown on Dancing with the Stars?

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