Chocolat … Guilty Pleasure #2

OK, I’ll admit it, when I think of the word Chocolat, this is the first image that comes to mind:


Unfortunately dear reader, this man is NOT my guilty pleasure.

Instead, you may recall the secret ingredient used in the movie, Chocolat. It was the chili pepper. Let me tell you, it lives up to its reputation… a serious aphrodisiac! Call me crazy, but it could be the female viagra.

That’s right, guilty pleasure #2 is Excellence Chili … the new version of specialty chocolate by Lindt.

If you have not tried it, get yourself over to the closest gourmet market and experience the biggest trend in chocolate, described by Lindt as “seductively piquant.” The flavors of dark cocoa give way to a full-bodied spicy touch- just the right amount to warm up those cold Parisian days. It is seductive. In fact, today it seduced me into eating an entire bar.

This is one item you might buy in bulk.

Excellence Chili by Lindt is available at La Grade Epicerie and Carrefour.

Update: TERRIBLE news. It turns out this chocolate was a LIMITED edition from Lindt. It is now off the shelves, but perhaps will be reintroduced (according to Bon Marche it sold tremendously well— grace a moi—and may come back!).

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